Thursday, June 02, 2005

The rich elite want Europe to be a military junior partner for the USA?,3604,1497143,00.html

Serge Halimi, of le Monde diplomatique, wrote in the Guardian 2 June 2005, about Europe and the free market liberals.

In France, the people who wanted a ‘yes’ vote were:

The rich elite

This included:

most of the media

most of the politicians

In France, 60% of the young voted ‘no’.

Halimi argues that Chirac was wrong to introduce free-market reforms that have hit:



and industry.

‘Unemployment has kept on rising and poverty has spread.’

Halimi suggests that a ‘yes’ vote would have meant:

1. an ever-expanding free-market zone,

2. the dismantling of the welfare state,

3. lower corporate taxes and

4. business-friendly legislation

Halimi claims the EU has become 'distorted' into:

1. a single market

2. a military junior partner for the US.

Halimi wrote: "it is unlikely that an informed electorate will change its mind now that it has understood the links between the social devastation at home and the neoliberal policies that spread under the cover of European unification.

* Serge Halimi is the author of Le Grand Bond en Arrière: Comment l'ordre libéral s'est imposé au monde (The Great Leap Backward: How the liberal order was imposed on the world)

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