Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kenyan bombs the work of the security services?

In 1998 the US embassy in Nairobi was bombed.

In 2002, bombs went off outside the Paradise Hotel in Kenya. At almost the same time, a missile was allegedly fired at an Israeli airliner leaving the airport in the nearby Kenyan resort town of Mombasa.

A Kenyan judge on 9 June 2005 acquitted four men charged in the 2002 bombing of the Israeli-owned hotel that killed 15 people, saying prosecutors had failed to link them to the bombers.


Kenyan Embassy bombs:

"We don't know yet who was at the wheel of those car bombs; but we do know that the long fuse leading to these terrorist flare-ups was lit in Israel," asserted Capt. Aurelio dell Acqua, a retired Italian Carabinieri officer.


Kenya Hotel bomb

Amidst news of the attacks in Mombassa attacks, Sharon was able to win a landslide victory in the Israel elections...

"One cannot dismiss the possibility of Mossad being involved in the Kenyan attacks...

"It is puzzling that two heat-seeking missiles should have missed the plane at an altitude of 500 feet. What is more the Israeli jet seems to have been unusually well equipped to deal with a missile attack."

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