Saturday, June 25, 2005

Iran election

Why did Iran elect Ahmadinejad?

Comments sent to the BBC website:

I believe we will see an Ahmadinejad presidency, mainly for two reasons: Firstly, most people in Iran are fed up with the so called 'mafia' - corrupt officials who have influence over almost all businesses, Rafsanjani and his family are seen as the people who belong to this group and Ahmadinejad's campaign has been based around removing these so called old managers and replacing them with the young. Secondly, the majority of Iranians know that the president in Iran does not have real power as defined by the constitution and ultimate real power rest with the Supreme Leader.

How can there be democracy when all candidates are filtered and selected solely by the supreme leader of the so called 'Islamic' republic who is supposedly appointed to his office by God and has the power to overturn every decision by the congress and the president?

The rich class are just afraid that Ahmadinejad will come in and try to root out corruption, discrimination, and poverty all at their expense. They want to consolidate their wealth and power represented by Hashemi. If the elections were rigged, they would be rigged for Hashemi, not Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad has the support of the poor/working class.

In our area of Tehran, AbbasAbad, almost everyone (80%) in our area voted for Mr Ahmadinejad, and from reports from other streets it was almost the same. In the south of Tehran where other members of my family live he has a lot of support. These people have got fed up with corrupted politicians and so-called reformists and now want someone who will be for the people. What you must remember is that these people who are voting for Mr Ahmadinejad, their parents are those who supported a revolution in 1979 and gave their children to defend our country against Saddam. Mr Ahmadinejad does not need the polls to be rigged, the people are behind him.

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