Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Iran and the CIA

June 2005


Iran's Gholamali Haddad Adel said recently that the US propaganda machine is appealing to Iranians not to go to the polls.


Explosions in Tehran and southern Iran killed at least nine people and injured 70 yesterday in attacks apparently aimed at disrupting this week's presidential elections.


"In 1978 the Shah doesn't renew a 25 yr agreement with British oil; in 1979 there is a revolution. The shah's time was up, no longer useful.

"America's plan was to set Iran against Iraq, to weaken both countries in the region.

"By introducing extremism through Khomeini, they knew it would slow down development and it would also slow down Arab nationalism in the region.

"Extremism also gave the West the enemy it needed after communism so that they could achieve their geopolitical goals, by having an excuse to wage wars based on war on 'terrorism' and 'extremism'.

"Then the plan was to one day come in on the pretext of beating 'extremism' - to clean up the mess - meaning to take control over the region's natural resources."

(Slight editing of forum post)

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