Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Identity Cards and Nazi Members of Parliament?


"On February 27, 1933 Hermann Göring orchestrated the Reichstag building fire, which was followed immediately with the Reichstag Fire Decree, which rescinded Habeas corpus, and other protective laws...

"Soon, mirroring Stalin's terror in the Soviet Union, an estimated army of about 100,000 spies and infiltrants operated throughout Germany, reporting to Nazi officials the activities of any critics or dissenters."


Herr Blair wants ID cards in Britain.

Ministers have won a Commons vote over their controversial ID cards plan but their majority was cut from 67 to 31.

Tories (Conservatives), Liberal Democrats and a number of rebel Labour MPs voted against the bill's second reading.

Tory (Conservative) David Davis said Labour's legacy would be "surveillance from cradle to grave".

David Davis, for the Conservatives, said "If, 10 years ago, I had gone on the radio and said that within a decade a Labour government would try to do away with jury trial, remove Habeas Corpus, eliminate the presumption of innocence, introduce punishment without trial, and put house arrest on the statute book, they would have locked me up."

The Conservative Party now looks electable for the first time for many years.

The Lib Dems said the plans would not help fight terrorism.

Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten said: "Britain has taken the first step towards a changed society where people need to have their fingerprints scanned to see their doctor, and the government will have wasted billions of pounds on a piece of plastic."



"For those in the 'ID cards are perfectly acceptable, I've got nothing to hide' camp, I invite you to install a webcam into your house for the Home Office to watch your every move. Whilst you're at it, read 1984 and compare it to the inevitable direction our government's leading us. The next step is the micro chipped population. It's important to recognise this and say no to ID cards now. Why should you be taxed on your existence?" - Martin, Hampshire, UK

"ID cards are authoritarian and wrong. Furthermore, the Madrid bombings show that they do not even help against terrorism. When we take into consideration the digital rights management technology coming into PCs, RF chips in our shopping instead of barcodes, the tracking of cars for road pricing and ID card (not to mention CCTV), every aspect of our lives will be under constant scrutiny. Do those who say that the "innocent have nothing to hide" really understand the Orwellian and horrifying implications of this kind of future?" - Gregg, Manchester, UK

"Just one question: What documentation will be required to prove our identity when we apply for one of these super-hi-tech ID cards? Or are the authorities just going to take our word for it? So in effect, these new ID cards will be just as easy to forge as the birth certificate or driving licence used to prove who we are when applying for them in the first place?" - Anne, Haslemere, Surrey

"This is a good time to invest in the IT company that will get the contract for these cards as the project is sure to go massively over budget and be scrapped with great loss to the taxpayer - but great profits to the IT folk involved. If you think I'm being too cynical, then please name ONE high profile governmental IT project which was successfully completed on schedule and within budget." - Max, UK



"I'm 83-years-old, served five years in the forces during World War 2, did 38 years as a statutory officer and am now being told I may have to carry an ID Card. Has my freedon completely gone now? Why did I spend my working life for the good of England? ID cards won't work! The counterfeit ones will be on the market much cheaper before Blair/Brown and their crowd issue them for whatever they will cost." - Victor

"I don't want my daily life logged on a Government system. I thought that type of thing was for totalitarian or former communist states. The privacy and liberty of law abiding people should not be infringed simply to inconvenience criminals. The cards won't even do that given that it's currently touted as a voluntary system. Spend the money on more police officers." - Steve Chertsey

"Will we go the whole way and make Jewish people have their cards stamped with a big letter J? Will we need our ID cards before we're allowed to buy food? Or perhaps inspectors on trains will be shadowed by soldiers demanding to see everyone'e papers. Which particular Reichminister will be responsible for it? I thought my Grandad fought across Europe to stop this sort of totalitarian nonsense." Paul - Rudgwick


The Daily Express says the scheme would not deter terrorists and warns it could become the government's poll tax.


Labour's big brother idea

Tuesday June 28, 2005


"The proposed introduction of identity cards will be a highly expensive mistake.... It is anathema to us in the trade union movement that a Labour government should try to reintroduce them. It is a sorry state of affairs when even the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats are opposed to this big brother idea...

"It is clear, however, that this scheme is based on unproven and flawed technology. The number of costly government IT failures is too long to list. The money that will be squandered on this scheme would be far better spent on investment in health and education, or solving the pensions crisis...

"The last time ID cards were seriously debated in parliament, Labour MPs opposed them. Alastair Darling said: "The idea that every individual would have his or her life story on a little metal strip on a little plastic card is objectionable ... a card could include an individual's medical history, work progress, financial status, what he did, where he did it, and where he was stopped. All that information could be revealed by passing a card through a computer terminal. That is a great step and I should be reluctant to take it."

"We see no difference between then and now. ID cards will cost billions and resolve nothing. We call upon parliamentarians to raise their voices against the deeply flawed ID cards bill. This Labour government needs to be saved from itself."

Barry Camfield
Asst general secretary, T&G
Keith Sonnet
Deputy gen secretary, Unison
Paul Kenny
Acting gen secretary, GMB
Mark Serwotka
General secretary, PCS
Jeremy Dear
General secretary, NUJ
Billy Hayes
General secretary, CWU
Keith Norman
Acting gen secretary, Aslef
Bob Crow
General secretary, RMT
Paul Mackney
General secretary, Natfhe
Ruth Winter
President, FBU ·



Say NO to ID, compulsory fingerprinting, new taxes, red tape for all


What are the names of the Members of Parliament who voted for ID cards?

Are they all fascists?

The 20 Labour rebels who voted against ID cards included:

Clare Short, Kate Hoey, Glenda Jackson, Mark Fisher, Linda Riordan, Katy Clark, Bob Marshall Andrews, Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Gwyneth Dunwoody...


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