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Bombs Philippines Indonesia

According to PropagandaMatrix:

"The despicable US media giants were silent when undisputed proof surfaced that the CIA, NSA, British Intelligence, the US Secret Service and the FBI were all involved in the May 16th 2002 blast in a Philippine hotel room when their agent, Michael Meiring accidently blew his own legs off while constructing a bomb which was intended, if ignited as planned, to be a staged 'Al Queda' terror attack, justifying a tightened US- Philippine military alliance.

"Meiring who operated under the cover of being a treasure hunter was in fact a CIA operative under the direct protection of the White House (As evidenced by his swift NSA/FBI medivac to San Diego after blowing his own legs off). The US spook spent 10 years on assignment associating with Islamic groups, Abu Sayef, MNLF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and other Philippine based Islamic groups, supplying them with US counterfeit notes (Courtesy of US intelligence) and bomb making materials so that they may create terrorist mayhem within the Philippines, giving the US a pretext to move in and, 'help,' just like in Indonesia - just like nearly everywhere else these Mafia-like thugs can plant their terror and, 'protection' racket."

From the Washington Observer:

"In the 1990s, Singapore funded the construction of a deep-draft vessel pier at Changi Naval Base specifically to berth U.S. aircraft carriers...

"The United States has proposed increased naval patrols in the Strait of Malacca. Malaysia and Indonesia, two countries that share the coordinated patrols of the Strait, both have raised objections...

"The U.S. rationale for increased patrols in the Strait is that one-quarter of worldwide imports and exports and one-half of the world's oil are transported through the area."

In ONLINE JOURNAL 24 May 2005 Daniel Estulin wrote about Bilderburg 2005

"INDONESIA-MALAYSIA STANDOFF: A political and military confrontation between these two nations in the petroleum-rich Sulawesi Sea (both claim the oil-rich area of Ambalat as their territorial rights) was the topic of a much-animated discussion...

"An American Bilderberger ... suggested usingthe UN to 'further a peace policy in the region.' Bilderbergers at the lounge table all agreed that such a conflict might well give theman excuse to garrison the disputed area with UN 'Peacekeepers' and thus ensure their ultimate control over the exploitation of this treasure, meaning untapped oil reserves."

General Ryacudu believes hundreds of foreign spies have infiltrated Indonesia, and Western nations are waiting to invade the resource-rich archipelago.


According to a news story in the Sydney Morning Herald, November 2, 2002, Indonesian security services may have handled the Bali bomb.

According to the Herald- "Some time around the 30 October 2002, senior officers in the Indonesian military HQ gave a piece of information to a military attache from a Western embassy in Indonesia:- the source of explosive used in the October 12 bombing in Bali was THE HEAD OF THE COUNTER-TERRORISM UNIT WITH THE ARMY'S SPECIAL FORCES."

The father-in-law of the officer concerned is Hendropriyono, Indonesia's spy chief.

On Oct. 16 Indonesian police arrested a former Air Force officer who confessed to building the bomb.


Allegedly, Omar Al-Faruq played a part in the Bali bomb business.

Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang has said that Kuwaiti citizen Omar Al-Faruq, a terrorist suspect who was arrested in Bogor, West Java, on June 5, 2002 and handed over to the US three days later, is a CIA-recruited agent.

Al Faruq was allegedly assigned to infiltrate Islamic radical groups and recruit local agents within these groups.

"When Al Faruq finished his assignments, the CIA created a scenario that he had been arrested," Manulang told Tempo News Room in Jakarta on Thursday afternoon (19/9/2002). This kind of operation is aimed at starting conflicts in Indonesia and creating the image that Indonesia is a land of terrorists.


In 1958 the CIA was organising rebellions in Indonesia to try to topple the democratically elected president.

"A CIA plane bombed the Ambon marketplace, killing many civilians on their way to church. Three days later a CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured."


"Who bombed the Attorney General's office in Jakarta in July 2000?"

"The bombs went off one hour after Tommy Suharto had been interrogated by the police. The bombs were traced back to the army and a former member of Suharto's guard. There were lots of bombs at that time. A woman called Elize Tuwahatu was jailed for ten years after admitting she had placed Tommy's bombs in various places in Jakarta. Now tommy is in jail."


"What about the Moslem fighters in the Moluccas?"

"Groups within the armed forces are behind that... Laskar Jihad, the biggest Moslem militia, has always had links to the army. The army uses them to fight against the independence movement in the Moluccas. And to undermine democracy. And to distract attention away from the corruption of the elite."


Singapore's Straits Times published a document detailing a plan to launch a holy war. Many observers suspect the document is a fake, invented by Indonesian and US intelligence, so that the US can resume military aid to Jakarta.


"Who bombed Bali?"

"The airline manifest of Garuda airlines shows that at least two military generals from Jakarta happened to visit Bali just three days before the bombings and that they returned to Jakarta just one day before the Sari Club was blown up.

"This was confirmed by armed forces chief General Sutarto, who claimed that General Djaja Suparman was on vacation, while General Ryamizard Riyacudu, chief of staff, was said to have gone to Bali for health reasons.

"General Suparman is one of the generals behind the extremist Jihad groups. He set up militias composed of gangsters and religious fanatics to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, became Laskar Jihad."


"What about this person called Amrozi, who was arrested?"

"He's probably working for the police. Probably a police informant. Did you see the photos of him getting a friendly handshake from the police chief. They were all smiles."


Jakarta June 3 2005:

"On late Thursday night, several members of the police bomb squad visited the city’s main backpacker strip, Jalan Jaksa, but declined to say whether they were acting in response to a threat. Elsewhere in the city, several bars frequented by Westerners have set up nightly road blocks and hired security officials to check all incoming vehicles. Security personnel have also been posted at sidewalk entrances to the shopping complex containing the city’s main McDonald’s restaurant."

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