Thursday, June 23, 2005


Richard Gott, in CounterPunch 14 June 2005, wrote about Bolivia.

According to Gott, Bolivia has been suffering from the neo-liberal economic system, devised by United States' economists in the 1980s.

This system has:

1. destroyed Bolivia's agricultural system
2. destroyed its embryonic industries
3. closed down the state-owned tin mines.

60% of Bolivia's population is Indian. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Indian families now live in shanties on the edge of La Paz, the capital city.

The main road into La Paz is controlled by angry Indians.

The demands of the Indians:

1. a new constitution giving the Indians more say in the government.

2. Bolivia's oil and gas to be controlled by the Bolivian government and used in Bolivia to help Bolivians.

The Indians do not want private oil and gas companies such as British Gas and Spain's Repsol to ship the oil and gas off to the United States.

Richard Gott is the author of Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution and Cuba: a New History.

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