Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blair, McKinsey, Enron, CIA continued


Sandra Laville and Nils Pratley, in the Guardian 14 June 2005, relate "How McKinsey, the secretive global consultancy firm, is gaining influence at the heart of UK plc."

"Yesterday the Guardian revealed that David Bennett, a former partner at McKinsey, who has been hired by Tony Blair to head Downing Street's policy unit, will have a key role in deciding the appointment of the new £220,000-a-year cabinet secretary...

"Mr Bennett is one of a number of McKinsey-trained people already advising the government: Lord Birt, Nick Lovegrove and Adair Turner, who now heads the commission into the future of pensions, to name a few. The firm has landed contracts worth tens of millions of pounds...

"Enron was regarded as the house that McKinsey built."



"The fact that Enron was in fact so CLOSELY allied with the Bush administration AND the CIA makes their proven connection to and involvement in negotiations by the Bush Mob, CIA and Big Oil with theTaliban last year an issue of definite interest...."

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