Friday, June 03, 2005

Bilderburg 2005


Daniel Estulin, in Counterpunch 27 May 2005, wrote about Infiltrating Bilderburg.


According to Estulin: "Dennis Ross, Richard N. Perle, and company are itching to... ethnically cleanse ­ as many Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza as possible."


Estulin writes: "Expect a severe downturn in the world's economy over the next two years as Bilderbergers try to safeguard the remaining oil supply by taking money out of people's hands. In a recession or, at worst, a depression, the population will be forced to dramatically cut down their spending habits, thus ensuring a longer supply of oil to the world's rich as they try to figure out what to do."

Indonesia-Malaysia stand-off

Estulin comments that a political and military confrontation between these two nations in the petroleum-rich Sulawesi Sea might allow "Peacekeepers" to be garrisoned in the area. That could lead to the West controlling the oil.


Estulin believes "the Bilderbergers have secretly agreed on the need to force the poor countries into a globalized market for cheap goods while simultaneously forcing the poor into becoming customers....

"One can't help but wonder, when the Bilderberg organisers, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Queen Beatrix and the rest have completed their project of enclosing all global goods and services into their own hands, what then?"

Daniel Estulin is a political commentator living in Madrid.

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