Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The answer to the crime problem


Simon Jenkins, in the Sunday Times 12 June 2005, declared that it was time that Tony Blair got tough on the causes of crime.

"He knows perfectly well what they are: alcohol abuse and drug abuse," wrote Jenkins.

What has Blair been doing?

1. he has reduced the cost of drink

2. he has relaxed the licensing laws

3. he has watched the inflow of heroin from Afghanistan increase tenfold

4. he has left it to the criminal world to sell the heroin and other drugs.

Jenkins points out that Britain took “responsibility” for Afghanistan’s opium output after the 2001 war.

Britain is Europe’s leading consumer of all forms of narcotics.

Jenkins names Britain's 'most intensive institutional user' of drugs - the Home Office’s own prisons, run by Charles Clarke.

Jenkins asks: "If Clarke cannot control the habit among prisoners, how can he expect parents or teachers to do better?"

Jenkins writes:

1. "we can regulate and tax the sale of drink."

2. "Heroin should plainly be nationalised... Drugs should be, like alcohol in Sweden, distributed through state outlets."

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