Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Some seats Blair may lose, including Sedgefield.

Reg Keys, whose son died in Iraq, is standing against Blair in his Sedgefield constituency in northeast England.

Our canvass returns put ourselves about even with Labour. We really do have the possibility of regime change,” said former BBC reporter Martin Bell, who joined Keys’ camp attired in his trademark white suit.


With a few days before the general election, the UK 9-11 Truth network in association with paid a visit to Tony Blair's constituency of Sedgefield, in the north of England.
In an unprecedented move, 17,000 "Confronting The Evidence" DVDs were distributed to the voters of Sedgefield in an attempt to educate Blair's constituency about the 9-11 cover-up and to contribute towards efforts to unseat the Prime Minister.

Additionally, several prominent newspaper adverts were placed in two of the regional newspapers, the "The Northern Echo" and the "Darlington, Aycliffe and Sedgefield Advertiser". Below is one example.


With the latest poll showing support growing for the Liberals, here are just a few of the Scottish seats that Labour may lose to the Liberals:

South Edinburgh
East Dunbartonshire
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey

With the polls showing a big drop in support for both Labour and the Conservatives in Scotland, the SNP are in a strong position to win at least the following seats, especially if there is tactical voting:

Dumfries and Galloway (where the Labour vote has slumped)
Ochil and South perthshire
Na H-Eileanan An Iar (Western Isles)

If there is tactical voting in Dumfries and Galloway, the Conservatives may win no seats in Scotland.

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