Sunday, May 08, 2005

Real identity of 9 11 hijackers?

Greg Szymanski, of American Free Press, points out :

1. Atta and fellow 'hijacker' Alomeri were dressed in business suits, according to the ticket agent at the airport.
2. The surveillance photos don't match.

Michael Tuohey was the airline agent at the ticket and baggage check-in at the airport in Portland, Maine.

Tuohey curses himself for letting Mohammad Atta and Abdul-azziz Alomari, two of the alleged 19 hijackers, slip through his fingers at 5:40 a.m. on 9-11.

Tuohey remembered two clean-shaven Arab-looking businessmen with tickets in hand approaching his workstation, both looking elegant and wearing suits and ties.

He remembers they were running late for their flight as they presented prepaid, one-way tickets from Portland to Boston and then onto Los Angeles on Flight 11.

Looking back, he recalls nothing unusual about the alleged hijackers, saying both appeared calm, and the younger Alomari acting happy-go-lucky.

Tuohey's story recently came to public attention on national television as well as in an article in The Portland Press-Herald.

The government claims the surveillance photo released in the Portland airport conclusively shows Atta and Alomari walking through the security clearance gate about 100 yards away from where Tuohey checked the pair’s tickets and bags.

Critics contend that the photos are not a clear match of other independent mug shots released of Atta and Alomari.

These same critics claim Atta and Alomari never boarded the airplane.

In the surveillance photos the two men are dressed casually in shirts without suits and ties, and there was no white shawl over Alomari’s head.

“They left my workstation in suits and ties. I didn’t see them take their coats off,” recalls Tuohey.

Asked if a surveillance camera was posted by his workstation, he said he was told by the FBI on 9-11 that the video camera had been out of order for several weeks and no other pictures were available.

“I had worked there a long time and never knew the cameras were broken until I was told by the agents,” said Tuohey, adding they were installed by airport officials and not U.S. Airways.

An independent 9-11 researcher added:

"Atta and Alomari were conveniently captured on video cameras at three different locations in Portland the night before 9-11. Yet none of the stills taken from those locations, Jetport Gas, the ATM machine and Wal-Mart, were clear enough, as posted on the FBI web site, to confirm that they were the same two men whose FBI mug shots were displayed prominently on the major networks for weeks along with the other 17 hijackers.

"The Portland Press Herald article that came out back in October of 2001, the first publication to print the now famous Atta and Alomari surveillance photo, was also too fuzzy to make the confirmation that they were the same two men.

“When I interviewed ‘Jerry,’ the attendant at Jetport Gas in early 2002 who saw the hijackers, he told me that the ‘second one could not have been the Alomari the FBI showed on TV because he was too tall.’ He also told me that ‘they spoke such poor English that I had to give them directions to Wal-Mart three times.’ This clearly contradicts Tuohey’s statements that Atta spoke perfect English.

“The eyewitness quoted in the original Portland Press Herald article, who put Atta and Alomari on the 19-seater to Logan, was Jane Eisenberg of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I interviewed Ms. Eisenberg around the same time as Jerry, and she told me when asked if she could confirm if the two men she saw on the 19-seater were the same two men the FBI was displaying all over the major networks, ‘No, I cannot.’

“And remember, it was the FBI who told Tuohey the camera he worked under every day hadn’t worked for some time. They knew that, but a guy who worked directly under it every day didn’t know?

“Also, a friend of Tuohey’s, who took that flight to Boston, was quoted as saying, he recalled seeing the two leaving the plane in Boston in suit coats and ties.

“Like Tuohey mentioned, Alomari also wore a shawl of some type that is missing in the famous photo."

Source: American Free Press - 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100 Washington, D.C. 20003


Unknown said...

I've also heard that 5 of the 19 hijackers have turned out to be alive and are furious about America identifying them as the hijackers. Mahommad Atta's father still says he hears from his son often and he's doing fine. Still, I don't think the FBI has updated these 19 hijackers since they figured out the identities on 9/12. Its easier to prove there were MOSAD agents on these flights then it is to prove the 19 FBI identified hijackers were on them.

ziz said...

Surveillance cameras at an airport out for weeks ? Bollocks!

Airports like Logan must have several hundred cameras in public areas.

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