Thursday, May 12, 2005

Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman, who is Jewish, has taken $34,000 from pro-Israel lobbies.

The death of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone not only deprived the Democrats of a majority during the lame-duck session after the 2002 election but the subsequent loss of Walter Mondale to Norm Coleman, whom Wellstone was defeating, cost them control of the Senate.

There has been speculation that Wellstone was murdered.

A Buzzflash editorial, 28 February 2003, was headed:

"Minnesota Should Hang Its Head in Shame for Electing Norm Coleman, A True Grand Hypocrisy Party Creep"

Buzzflash refers to Coleman as:

'an opportunistic low-life who adopts the right wing extremist party line whenever he's called upon to do so.'

' an opportunist ... an unctuous creep.'

' this dirt bag.'


Acording to Scott Ritter, in the Independent 12 December 2004, "The oil-for-food 'scandal' is a cynical smokescreen."

Norm Coleman leads the US senators investigating the oil-for-food programme.

Ritter sees the investigation as a charade, designed to shift attention away from the Iraq debacle.

According to Ritter:

1. The oil-for-food programme was designed to help topple Saddam.

2. The US and UK allowed a billion-dollar illegal oil smuggling trade over the Turkish border.

3. The US turned a blind eye to a Russian oil company buying oil from Iraq at a heavy discount.

4. 80 per cent of the oil illegally smuggled out of Iraq under "oil for food" ended up in the United States.

5. The United States blocked billions of dollars of humanitarian aid.

6. There was economic strangulation of Iraq.

7. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as a result of these sanctions.

8. Under Saddam there was an element of prosperity; 'on the eve of the US-led invasion, Baghdad was full of booming businesses, restaurants were full, and families walked freely along well-lit parks.'


According to an investigation by the Financial Times, Iraqi Kurds are now trying to launder 14 tons of cash they received through the oil-for-food program.


According to Socialist Worker: "Coleman’s claims don’t match with the findings of former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker, who headed up a UN-appointed commission to investigate the oil-for-food program."

The commission reportedly discovered that Lloyds Register - a British customs service that monitored sales of food and other basics in Iraq - billed the Office for Iraq Program for 1,800 days when Lloyds agents weren’t even in Iraq.

DENIS HALLIDAY is a former head of the UN’s humanitarian program in Iraq who administered the oil-for-food program - and who resigned in protest against the U.S.-led sanctions on Iraq.

He spoke to Socialist Worker about the recent oil-for-food controversy.

"THE REAL scandal in my mind is the fact that the UN sustained sanctions on the people of Iraq for 13 years, and by so doing - and neglecting the reality of the consequences that were well reported to them in the Security Council - they killed well over a million Iraqis. Two-thirds of those were probably very young children. That is a scandal...

"Clearly, American oil companies were buying oil from Saddam Hussein, and they were indirectly paying surcharges."


Galloway hounded.

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