Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Labour Shows its Fascist Credentials

The following is from the Kirkby Times:

During the past year the Kirkby Times in an often analytical prose has likened new labours actions as akin to the evil creed of Fascism. Their record in Government says more than we ever could.

Consider new labours naked hostility to the working class, trade unions and left wing MPs. Then there is the clear bias toward the rich and powerful that now sees the gap between rich and poor even more wider than it ever was during 18 years of Tory rule ...

To gain his dictatorial powers Blair openly went after the democrats and socialists in the old labour party with a vengeance not even pursued by their old Tory opponents Thatcher and Major.

New labour now infest their government with cronies whose only qualifications are either as Blair’s landlord, flatmate, or moneylenders like millionaire MP Geoffrey Robinson, who provides luxury holiday homes to Blair , as well as furtive mortgage loans to the new labour dilettante Peter Mandeleson...

Now in what must be the final death knell of New labours claim to be labour, is the unbelievable move into the Cabinet of a 36 year old woman who has no record of service or achievement with any labour party new or old... So step forward Ruth Kelly ... member of Opus Dei ... condemned by leading Catholic theologians for its links with Fascism, particularly in Italy...

A further mystery is how a strict Catholic like Ms Kelly could enthusiastically vote for the bloodbath now unfolding daily in Iraq, causing the needless deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, as well as our own servicemen and women. How does she square this with her version of Christianity ?

Does this, and the Blair plan for ID cards, the clampdown on those claiming sickness or disability benefits , and the obsession of declaring war on other countries: strike a cord. Yes, Hitler followed the same policies during his march to power, without people realising what came next.

There is no difference in Britain today. We seem to be sleep walking into a tyrannical state.

Blair’s closest political buddies are George Bush from the far right, and Italy’s Silvio Berlosconi a neo fascist leader, and multi millionaire. The type who keep the poor firmly in their place. Evidence shows Blair is right behind them on that one !

Do any local new labourites need any further proof that the Labour voters they cynically exploit are really being led by the nearest we’ve ever been to a Fascist government in Britain.

New labourites in Kirkby don’t seem to know what socialism ,democracy, and labour actually stand for, if any of you do, please let us know - it might even “enlighten“ our readers !

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