Monday, May 16, 2005

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In the Sunday Times, 15 May 2005, Simon Jenkins wrote: Respect starts with you letting us run our lives, Godfather Blair.

Simon Jenkins wants more power given to LOCAL leadership.

He wants to disband the army of regulators and inspectors.

Simon Jenkins writes: "Britons should ask why communities seem so much stronger in America, France and Germany. The answer is that people in those countries vote for two or three tiers of powerful local authorities and those votes matter. They affect decisions and are not overwhelmed by the centre.

"National presidents and prime ministers do not regard local schools, hospitals, street patrols and teenage clothing as their responsibility. They would laugh at the idea. They regard community and local government as synonyms. So should Blair and Miliband."


I know a small town which used to have a local council with real power. That town no longer has a local council. Crime has increased. Public transport is a disaster.

I know a school where the headmaster and teachers used to have the power to make things orderly and efficient. The headmaster and the teachers are no longer allowed to make things orderly and efficient. Real power lies with people in faraway offices.

I know a family where the parents and extended family and neighbours used to be in a position to look after children properly. Now all the adults have to work long hours. The adults see much less of their children.

I know a locality which used to have newspapers which were locally owned. Now the newspapers are owned by foreign companies.

Our lives now seem to be controlled by corrupt mafiosi who live in distant cities.

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