Sunday, May 01, 2005

Israel behind the terror in Egypt?

On November 17, 1997 at Luxor's Temple of Hatshepsu, six gunmen disguised as police, killed 70 tourists.

Some people believe that the Arab killers were 'Mossad directed'.

The Egypt's Arabic-language press suspected that Israel was trying to weaken Egypt.

Sheik Abdl El-Rahman accused Israel's Mossad of planning the terrorist attack. He pointed out that Moslems did not gain from the attack.

Some people suspect that certain Moslem groups are controlled by Israel.

Groups of Israeli tourists had changed their travel plans to visit the Luxor site at the last moment.

Israel was behind the massacre in the USS Liberty.

In 2004, the Mossad was suspected of being behind the attack in Taba in the Sinai, which killed 20.

Most of the tourists killed were Swiss, and Swiss intelligence is allegedly suspicious of Mossad.

Egyptian intelligence has reportedly discovered that Mossad has in the past recruited Arabs.

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