Sunday, May 22, 2005

Haw-Haw and MI5

'Haw-Haw: The Tragedy of William and Margaret Joyce' is a new book by Nigel Farndale.

William Joyce was called Lord Haw-Haw.

Lord Haw-Haw and his wife broadcast Nazi propaganda from Germany. Haw-Haw was decorated by Hitler.

Haw-Haw was originally American. His wife was British. Haw-Haw was reportedly hanged. His wife was allowed to go free.

Nigel Farndale suggests a deal was struck between Haw-Haw and MI5: Haw-Haw would keep quiet about certain MI5 links and his wife would survive.

Margaret Joyce was "returned to the Continent".

Before World War II, William Joyce was deputy to Sir Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists.

According to Farndale, William Joyce also worked for MI5. Maxwell Knight, the head of Joyce's MI5 section, reportedly helped Joyce escape to Berlin on the eve of war.

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