Thursday, May 12, 2005

Guardian writer considers possibility that 9 11 was an inside-job,,1480940,00.html

AL Kennedy, in the Guardian, 11 May 2005, suggests that 9 11 may have been an inside-job.

Kennedy examines the theory that on 9 11, "covert US government intervention killed thousands of innocents and handed the country to a commerce-friendly, torture-loving, far-right junta."

Kennedy points out:

1. The FBI blocked investigations into the plot prior to 9 11.

2. The nearest military aircraft weren't scrambled to intercept the hijacked flights when this is standard procedure.

3. When more distant jets were eventually brought in, they flew at less than half speed.

It would seem, they shot down Flight 93 'when its passengers may already have overcome its hijackers'.

4. With Flight 93, three minutes of the cockpit recording appear to be missing.

The black boxes from the other crashes disappeared. 'Firefighters at Ground Zero have repeatedly stated that three of the four possible black boxes there were found and taken away by government agents'.

5. There are worries about the clear links between the Pakistani ISI, the CIA and the men named as the 9/11 hijackers.

6. There are worries about 'the mysterious inability of anyone to capture Osama bin Laden'.

Kennedy relates that the UK and USA continue to:

1. terrorise countries unconnected with the attacks

2. place permanent military bases near oil reserves and pipeline routes

3. harass and murder Muslims

4. foment terrorist resistance at every opportunity.

Kennedy reminds us that the UK

1. unmasks non-existent ricin plots

2. threatens us with ID cards

3. can't supply its troops in Iraq with working radios or a legal causus belli.

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