Sunday, May 15, 2005

Famous Jewish people

JTR lists a number of famous Jewish people in key positions, past and present. Here is a sample:

Heritage Foundation President: Edwin Feulner

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Executive Director: Thomas A. Dine

Project for a New American Century Chairman: William Kristol

Council on Foreign Relations President: Leslie Gelb

9-11 Commission (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States) Executive Director: Philip Zelikow

Bush/Cheney 2004,Campaign Manager: Ken Mehlman

Association of American Publishers Chairman of the Board of Directors: Jane Friedman

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada's BBC),President and CEO: Robert Rabinovitch

Communication Workers of America (AFL-CIO),President: Morton Bahr

American Sportscasters Association President: Lou Schwartz

World Bank Presidents: James D. Wolfensohn / Paul Wolfowitz

Federal Reserve System Chairman: Alan Greenspan

Harvard University President: Lawrence Summers

Yale University President: Richard L. Levin


The chairman of the BBC is Jewish


John Kaminski reminds us that

1. the PNAC report, which yearned for a new Pearl Harbour, was written by Dov Zakheim, who is Jewish.

2. the new head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is reportedly Jewish.

3. the new US intelligence czar, John Negroponte — 'he of the Nicaraguan and Salvadoran death squad fiascos' — is reportedly Jewish.


"The xxxx people will obtain world dominion"


Manchester United and Jewish influence in sport

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