Sunday, May 15, 2005


According to the Sunday Times, 15 May 2005, Lord Drayson "has admitted holding part of his personal fortune in an offshore tax haven that experts say could have helped him avoid £3m in tax".

Drayson is Blair's new defence minister.

In 1998, Geoffrey Robinson, then a Labour Treasury minister, was discovered to have benefited from an offshore trust.

In 2002, Drayson won the contract to supply a smallpox vaccine to the government shortly after donating money to the Labour party.

The government has refused to release the minutes of a private meeting held between Drayson and Blair before the contract was awarded.

Last year, Drayson became a lord and donated £500,000 to the Labour party within weeks.

He gave a further £500,000 last December and was appointed minister for defence procurement in last week’s reshuffle.

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Zoompad said...

"Geoffrey Robinson was from 1972 Chairman of Innocenti in Italy, appointed following acquisition of the business by British Leyland"

This is very interesting. I didn't realise he was involved in British Leyland as well.

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