Tuesday, May 10, 2005

'Dictator' picks 'mafia' cronies for his cabinet?

In March 1998, Indonesian President Suharto, having reportedly used vote fraud to return to office, picked his cronies for his cabinet.

Into the cabinet came Suharto's daughter and Suharto's close friend Mohamad 'Bob' Hassan.

Hasan ran a timber cartel and defended timber companies reportedly responsible for wildfires that spread a haze throughout parts of Southeast Asia.


Tony Blair won the 2005 election in the UK. There were allegations of vote fraud. Blair has now chosen his new government.

Lord Drayon is to become a minister in the Ministry of Defence.

In 2004 Blair made Paul Drayson a Lord and shortly afterwards Drayson gave a donation to the Labour party.

Drayson's company reportedly made up to £20 million, as the government's only supplier of smallpox vaccine, after Drayson had given another donation to the Labour party.

Beverley Hughes, who allegedly 'lied', or 'unwittingly misled people', about visa checks on Romanian and Bulgarian applicants, becomes children's minister.


Blair, it has been claimed, personally agreed to waive visa requirements for Romanian migrants.
The deal was reportedly made between Mr Blair and Romanian leader Adrian Nastase at a European Union summit.

British Immigration Minister Beverly Hughes resigned after it was revealed she had ignored a series of warnings from immigration officials and a fellow MP about fraudulent immigration applications from Bulgaria and Romania.

Home Office emails showed that Mrs Hughes told immigration officials to avoid arresting illegal immigrants to prevent them applying for asylum.

The British consul in Bucharest, James Cameron, was suspended after telling the Conservative opposition that many Romanians were entering Britain using fake business plans and forged documents.

Andrew Adonis, the man associated with unpopular top-up fees, gets a ministerial post.

Margaret Hodge, whose name was linked to the alleged cover up of a pedophile scandal, becomes minister for work.

October 6 1992: The Evening Standard began a series of reports alleging that dozens of children at two Islington council homes were abused. Ms Hodge accuses the Standard of "gutter journalism" and rejected its dossier on paedophile activity in the homes.

October 23 1992Margaret Hodge stepped down as council leader.

May 23 1995: An independent inquiry led by the director of Oxford social services found that the council failed to properly investigate the sexual abuse allegations.


David Blunkett has become Minister for Work and Pensions.

Blunkett allegedly did not tell the truth about a visa application.

David Blunkett quit as home secretary after an e-mail emerged showing a visa application for his ex-lover's nanny had been fast-tracked.

The e-mail had said "no favours but slightly quicker". Mr Blunkett said he had not been aware of its contents and insisted he had done nothing wrong.


Blunkett has reportedly been involved in 'sex scandals'.

The Blunkett-Quinn affair is believed to have started about three months after her wedding to Stephen Quinn.

Blunkett has reportedly supported the locking up of citizens without trial.

Simon Jenkins, in The Times 17 December 2004:

"Worst of all has been Mr Blunkett’s exploitation of the irrationalist’s favourite slogan: “9/11 changed everything”. He was party to Mr Blair’s “softening up” of public opinion before the Iraq adventure. Each Friday there would be a warning of some — imminent disaster involving sarin, anthrax, smallpox or a “dirty weapon of mass destruction”, always a matter of “not if but when”. On his last day in office, the Metropolitan Police — of which he never divested control to the Mayor of London — issued a “Christmas terror alert”. Such gratuitous gestures cost Londoners millions in lost business.

"Mr Blunkett used the so-called War on Terror to breathe life into every draconian ghoul in the darkest recesses of the political cupboard. His introduction of indefinite imprisonment without trial has been humiliatingly slapped down as contrary to European law. He has never taken a public stance against the American use of Guantanamo Bay. His final coup was to terrorise his Cabinet colleagues and the Conservative Opposition into adopting the most hallowed, and previously unrealisable, juju in the Home Office armoury, compulsory ID cards."


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