Thursday, May 12, 2005

British Police Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering?

"The Insider", 30 July 2003, wrote about "Illegal drugs trafficking and money laundering by the British police force."

London's Metropolitan Police was criticised by a Judge for running an undercover multi-million pound drugs operation, without permission.

According to the Guardian 29 July 2003:

"A total of £15m was brought to London hidden in suitcases, laundered by undercover police officers and then returned to alleged drug dealers over a three year period, the court heard.

"A prosecution based on the sting was thrown out at Southwark crown court ... after a judge described the police actions as 'massively illegal'.

"Judge George Bathurst-Norman allowed 10 defendants to walk free after saying that the police had 'overstepped the line between legitimate crime detection and unacceptable crime creation'.

"He added: 'They offered a wholly exceptional opportunity to others to commit crime...
I have come to the conclusion that what the police did amounted to state-created crime.'",3604,1007820,00.html

According to "The Insider":

"Undercover operations provide a superb cover for the highly profitable government-controlled drug trade.

"Individual petty drug dealers are arrested so that operations in which police mingle with criminals can be called a success.

"Any drugs cartel that dares to compete with the state-sponsored operation is dealt with swiftly and effectively..."

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