Friday, May 06, 2005

Britain's shame: 35% vote for Blair's Fascist New Labour in UK election?

The Labour Party has won the 2005 general election, but with a greatly reduced majority.

Some of the comments at the BBC website:

"I am so ashamed at this moment to be British as we constantly complain about all issues and when we are given the opportunity to change the system we do nothing and make comments like 'better the devil you know'.

"Everybody makes comments about the war as if that's the worst thing that labour has done! Does anyone watch the news or read newspapers what about fuel costs? Council tax rises, more stealth taxes? Further bans on individuals liberty, more pandering to the Bush administration (which wouldn't be bad if it was in some way beneficial) and the loss of the pound!" Charles Fletcher, Burton on Trent, England

"PR is the only way to go, 36% and a majority is a joke."
Gareth Hay, Lancaster, Lancashire

"I am amazed how short the British electorate's memory is - the deceit and low moral fibre demonstrated clearly does not prick our conscious into inspiring us to indicate our disgust. What a missed opportunity!" Jeff Aris, Auckland, New Zealand (expat)

"It takes a long time to destroy an economy. Labour have now been given enough time to finish the job." Martin, Andover

"So we have another four to five years of this grinning travesty of a man do we? I can only look forward to the vote on the EU constitution which he will lose and then maybe we can send this man packing." Martin Herrity, Portsmouth Hampsire

"We must now introduce a new definition for the term democracy, specifically for England. The term democracy for England in the Oxford English dictionary should now read: rule by the minority!" Bill Smith, Reading, Berkshire, England.

"UKLabour squeaked through 8 years riding a booming economy, and encouraging huge public sector growth to stifle unemployment so the electorate thinks they're competent. Unfortunately, the money has just about run out - his third term could very well be a fiasco." Harvey, London, UK

"A depressing day for democracy. Blair wins with the lowest percentage of the vote for a PM in modern times." Kevin Donnellon, Liverpool, UK

"Gutted!" Patricia Gibson, Farnham, Surrey, UK

"Labour's win is in fact a Conservative win. There will inevitably be a recession in the next two to three years, and Labour's small majority is a good indicator of a land-slide victory for the Conservative Party in four years time. A Conservative win would have been a travesty; this result is just perfect for a future conservative government." James, London

"I cannot believe the country has been so foolish and gullible. Judging Blair on his manifesto promises in 1997 should have been enough to see him off. The manifesto opened with 10 pledges; how many have been honoured? Two! A poor record by any standard." A J Witherby, Milford on Sea, England

"Oh my God, and we looked on in disbelief at the Americans for giving Bush another chance. What are you doing England? How can you let that egotistical con man in again?" Nicky Davies, Singapore (expat)

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