Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blunkett and Heidi Kingstone

According to the Mail-on-Sunday, British Cabinet Minister David Blunkett has now become friends with Heidi Kingstone, a writer who appears to be a close friend of Israel.

Heidi Kingstone has been a Jerusalem Post correspondent.


In a letter to the Saturday Star, Dr. Firoz Osman wrote:

"Heidi Kingstone's column about her ' fact- finding mission' to Israel, accompanied by Britain’s chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, exposes her lopsided view on the crisis in the region. [New Chapter in the Middle East 10/02/2001].

"She not surprisingly, blames the Palestinians that ' have not internalised the need to compromise'. It seems irrelevant that they have lost 80% of their original land..."


Blunkett's previous friend was a Jewish lady called Kimberly Fortier (Kimberly Quinn).

Fortier was the former lover of David Blunkett who had to resign as Britain’s home secretary.

Kimberly has two children, a two-year-old boy, William, and a baby son, Lorcan.

"It is generally accepted because of DNA evidence that William’s father is Blunkett."

The Mail on Sunday named xxxxx as “the mysterious Asian at the centre of the latest speculation in the outlandish Kimberly Quinn affair”.

The Mail on Sunday had an account by Heidi Kingstone, “a close friend of the Quinns, xxxxx and Blunkett”, entitled, “My flirty date with the Asian”.

Simon Hoggart, the Guardian columnist, initially denied that he had been sexually involved with Kimberly. Later, he admitted he had.



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