Monday, May 30, 2005

The BBC: premier propagandist for the imperium

William Bowles, 10 February 2005, wrote about: 'The BBC: premier propagandist for the imperium'

Bowles searched the BBC’s Website and found 299 articles that mentioned Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Not a single article raised any questions about his existence or the timing of statements allegedly made by him. 'Every article accepted without question the utterances of the US goverment.'

On 23 January 2005 the BBC told us:

Zarqawi has claimed responsibility for many bombings and beheadings in Iraq.…

Correspondents say the voice on the latest recording sounded similar to that on other messages attributed to the fugitive, whose group is linked to al-Qaeda.

'But we are not told who the attribution belongs to, and who, exactly linked ‘Zarqawi’s group to al-Qaeda’?'

'The only source is the CIA but the BBC neglects to mention this fact, nor the wealth of background material on the role of the CIA in fabricating evidence about Zarqawi.'

'In its coverage of the destruction of Fallujah, the BBC uncritically relays US propaganda via ‘embedded?’ journalist Nick Childs when he tells us':

Insurgent casualties he (US general Metz) described as significant but acknowledged that many of the leaders – including Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – had probably fled.

A story dated 8 November 2004:

The message, signed “al-Qaeda in Iraq”, was posted on a website known for publishing messages from Islamic militant groups.

'No attempt is made to ascertain whether the Website is a genuine source.'

'In story after story, the existence of ‘Zarqawi’ is not questioned, nor his alleged role in Iraq.'

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