Sunday, May 29, 2005

Army officers, cricketers, bribes.

India, March 2001:

The internet news site,, revealed secret video film showing top politicians, bureaucrats and army officers taking money in connection with a fake defence deal.

Unscreened footage showed senior officers demanding sexual favours and in one case an officer having sex with a prostitute.

Journalists had posed as businessmen for a fake company, West End International, trying to sell equipment to the Indian military.

They used hidden cameras to videotape politicians, bureaucrats and army officers accepting money.

The incident came in the middle of court hearings into the Bofors arms scandal in the 1980s, in which a number of Indian politicians as well as businessmen are accused of taking bribes.


A former member of India's national cricket team, Manoj Prabhakar, has publicly accused a former Indian captain and leading cricket star, Kapil Dev, of involvement in match-fixing.

Prabhakar's claims focus on a match between India and Pakistan in 1994 which was part of a series played in Sri Lanka.

He alleges that Dev approached him to offer a substantial sum of money if he would in return under-perform on the field.


"Probably the greatest cricketing crook was Salim Malik, the former Pakistan captain. He should have been remembered as the greatest Pakistani batsman of all time, but is instead remembered as a man who accepted thousands of dollars of bribes, threw many games and whose captaincy was entirely corrupt. He, along with Mohammed Azharuddin, the former Indian captain, are now banned from cricket for life."

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