Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UK Liberal Democrats in the lead?


The web site www.whoshouldyouvotefor.com - which has already attracted 350,000 visitors - takes a different approach from the normal opinion polls.

After being asked which party they currently back in Britain's May 5 poll, participants then field 23 questions about their view on subjects ranging from Iraq to tax, immigration and other issues.

Finally, they click their mouse on a button that asks: "Who should I vote for?" and the computer matches voters' responses to the parties which best articulate these views.
The results can prove surprising.

According to data from Web site operator Thoughtplay, while 25 percent of people who took the test said beforehand they were Labour supporters, only 11 percent emerged as backing Blair's policies.

Similarly, 26 percent entered the main opposition Conservatives as their preferred choice, but only 16 percent of the test results came out as in favor of the party's stated views.

In contrast, the big winners were the Liberal Democrats, a smaller opposition group, with 36 percent of answers indicating support for the party, well above the original voting intentions.

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