Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UK Labour politician urges people to vote Liberal-Democrat


The UK Independent newspaper reports that prominent Labour politician Brian Sedgemore, who is standing down as an MP, is urging people to vote for the Liberal Democrats in protest at Tony Blair's "lies" over Iraq.


Brian Sedgemore writes in the Independent about Blair's lust for power and about the end of Britain as a liberal country.

Sedgemore points out that a Labour government has twice tried to abolish trial by jury.

According to Sedgemore: "From there, it was a short step for Blair (but a huge step for the rest of us) to get suppliant backbench Labour MPs to vote for an unlawful war, the setting up of a gulag at Belmarsh for foreigners and deprivation of liberty through "control orders" and "pass laws" for British citizens."

Sedgemore suggests that Blair decided to go to war after meeting Bush on his Texas ranch in 2002. After that he lied to persuade the country to support him.

"The stomach-turning lies on Iraq were followed by the attempt to use the politics of fear to drive through Parliament a deeply authoritarian set of law and order measures," writes Sedgemore.

Sedgemore's decision to join the anti-war Liberal Democrats is not just about the war. It's also about top-up fees and privatising the health service.

Sedgemore describes Blair as shameless and writes of Blair: "He used to act at school and he uses that talent now; every time he speaks, for example, at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales you can hear someone saying, 'Cue broken voice, quivering lips, dropped shoulder, tear in left eye'"

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