Monday, April 11, 2005

Opus Dei and John Paul II,12272,1456769,00.html

According to the Guardian, "a dark-horse candidate for pope, capable of bridging the divide between the Europeans and the Latin American Roman Catholic cardinals, appears to be emerging in the shape of the Patriarch of Portugal, Jose da Cruz Policarpo." Policarpo is thought to be relatively moderate.

In Counterpunch, VICENTE NAVARRO writes that John Paul II "was groomed for the Papacy... by the ultra-right-wing sect Opus Dei.... Opus Dei... developed the strategy to make him the Pope, assisted by the bishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger; the U.S. cardinals close to Opus Dei, Joseph Krol and Patrick Cody; and a cardinal then close to Opus Dei, Cardinal Franz K├Ânig from Vienna...

John Paul II made Opus Dei member, Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State of the Vatican.

The Spanish Daily El Periodico (5 April 2005) reported that the Pope received periodical reports from U.S. CIA Director William Casey (a Roman Catholic) on the "distressing" Jesuit movements in Latin America.

In Spain, John Paul supported the post-Francoist party, the Popular Party (whose founder is Fraga Iribarne, ex-Minister of the Interior of the Franco fascist regime).

John Paul gave a speech against the Zapatero government.

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