Monday, April 11, 2005

An Oligarch and the UK election,15803,1456515,00.html

Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper has had a "cut-out-and-keep election decider."

It appears to be anti-Labour.

The section about migrants : "Blair vowed to tackle Britain's immigration and asylum shambles".

The section on crime pointed out that Labour was basing its case on flawed statistics.



The Sun has decided to back Blair, citing the prime minister's bravery over the Iraq war.

Rupert Murdoch has not consummated his flirtation with Michael Howard. No Tory leader since Margaret Thatcher has been wooed in the same way as Mr Howard, who was invited to address the News Corporation annual jamboree in Cancun, Mexico.


According to "Murdoch's mother E J Greene is from a Jewish family. Murdoch was able to build up his media empire with the financial backing of Jewish billionaires such as Oppenheimer (diamond cartel billionaire) and Rothschild (banking billionaire."

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