Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Iraq spin prior to UK election

Today a bomb blew up near the oil city of Kirkuk as a group of Iraqi guards was trying to defuse it, killing nine and wounding four, the local police chief said.

In Baghdad there was a series of explosions, including a bomb that struck an oil tanker. Another bomb detonated on the road to the airport, wounding seven Iraqis....,3604,1458237,00.html,2763,1338749,00.html

Jonathan Steele, in the Guardian April 13 2005, warns us not to be fooled by the lies on Iraq.

Steele reminds us that recently 300,000 Iraqis threw down effigies of Bush and Blair at a rally that called for the immediate departure of foreign troops.

Iraqis have been angered :

1. by the failure to get power and water supplies repaired,

2. the brutality of US army tactics (over 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion)

3. the disappearance of their country's oil revenues into inadequately supervised accounts, or handed to foreigners under contracts that produced no benefits for Iraqis.

The number of "security detainees" has reached a record 17,000.

Most of western Iraq is out of US control.

The city of Mosul 'could explode at any moment'.

Ramadi 'is practically a no-go area'.

The US is only talking of a possible reduction of a third of its troops next year. This will still leave 100,000.

The US has indicated that it wants permanent bases in Iraq, just as it does in Afghanistan.

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