Thursday, April 28, 2005

Impeach Blair

David Mills, husband of Tessa Jowell and brother-in-law of Barbara Mills ex-head of the Serious Fraud Office, is under criminal investigation by Italian magistrates for money laundering on behalf of Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi.

Bernie Ecclestone allegedly achieved a change in government policy on tobacco advertising. Eccletone gave a donation to Blair's New Labour. Jowell was the health minister who changed Labour Party Policy on tobacco advertising. Jowell's husband David Mills was a director of one of Ecclestone's key companies.

Enron was one of the key backers of the New Labour takeover of the Labour Party. Enron accountants Arthur Anderson were New Labour's favorites when it came to getting the lucrative PFI (quasi-privatisation) deals which allegedly 'made a packet for New Labour henchmen'.

"Enron was used as a shell company to suck cash out of the US financial system. The cash was deposited in bogus companies in tax havens where it was untraceable, and then stolen by persons unknown."

The leaders of the SNP and Plaid Cymru said today their MPs in the new parliament would make a fresh bid to impeach Tony Blair over Iraq.

The Independent on Sunday pollsters asked two questions: "Will you vote Liberal Democrat at the next election?" and "Would you vote Liberal Democrat if you thought they could win?"
About 20% of people said 'Yes' to the first question, 38% said 'Yes' to the second. What happens when all the potential Liberal Democrat voters actually vote Liberal Democrat? The answer is: CHANGE.

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