Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cuba & Venezuela face the US and Colombia


JAMES PETRAS recently wrote in Counterpunch about the US strategy towards Cuba

According to Petras, the US aims to deal with Cuba by:

1. overthrowing Chavez in Venezuela

2. cutting off the energy and trade links which Venezuela has to Cuba

3. carrying out a military attack.

The US strategy could involve a US-Colombian attack of Venezuela backed by internal terrorists and the ruling class.

According to Petras:

1. Washington and Colombia have greatly strengthened military bases surrounding the Venezuelan border.

2. "Trial military incursions involving both Colombian military and paramilitary forces have occurred on a regular basis ­ testing Venezuelan defenses".

3. The US has given nearly $3 billion dollars in military aid to Colombia.

4. Washington has:

A. recruited the Gutierrez regime in Ecuador,

B. invaded Haiti,

C. set up military bases in Peru and the Dominican Republic.

According to Petras, the US aims to use a "triangular strategy" to overthrow Chavez in Venezuela:

1. A military invasion from Colombia,

2. US intervention (air and sea attacks plus special forces to assassinate key officials)

3. An internal uprising by infiltrated terrorists and military traitors, supported by key media, financial and petrol elites.

Petras argues that:

1. the Chavez regime is popular with the mass of the people.

2. The Colombian regime faces 20,000 veteran guerrilla fighters and millions of Colombians sympathetic to Venezuela.

James Petras is a former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University

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