Friday, April 08, 2005

5% swing from Labour to the Scottish National Party

Alex Salmond MP, Leader Scottish National Party:

"There have been four polls published in Scotland, bona fide polls... they show rising SNP support and one was published this week with a sample of double the MORI poll, showed a 5% swing from Labour to the SNP."

The Anglo-American elite will now try hard:
(1) to persuade people that the SNP are going to perform badly
(2) that the Scots are the only small nation in Europe that is too stupid to govern its own affairs
(3) to fix the polls.

Why is the establishment so keen to prevent Scotland from becoming independent and rich like its neighbours, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland?

1. Scotland has oil.

2. Scotland has important military bases.

Faslane has the UK's Trident nuclear submarines.
Lossiemouth is the biggest UK base for tornado jet fighters.
Luce Bay is the testing site for cluster bombs.
Dundrennan is the open air depleted uranium testing site.
There are many communications and intelligence stations.

Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and the Netherlands are the richest countries in Europe (GNP per person). All these countries are small and independent.

Scotland can be as wealthy as these small countries if it gains its independence.

Scotland will be a highly prosperous nation if it has:
1. a low corporation tax
2. low business rates
3. an oil fund.

Scotland has many advantages:
1. It is a technologically advanced country
2. It has an ingenious and hard working population
3. It has a high level of social cohesion.

Scottish businesses, Scottish businessmen, and Scottish scientists are often world leaders.

Scholars have traced the beginnings of modern psychology, anthropology, the earth sciences and ideas on civil society and liberal education to Scottish thinkers.

Singapore was once a poor, third-world region. After gaining independence it grew rich.

Ireland was once a high unemployment, high debt, high emigration, low growth, little opportunity state. Now that Ireland is independent, and has introduced a low tax policy, there has been a huge increase in wealth, energy, enterprise, self-confidence, and employment.

In the past many Scots were brainwashed by the foreign-owned press into thinking that they were the only people in the world who were too stupid to be able to govern themselves.

A growing number of Scots are wakening up to the fact that small countries, like Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Estonia, become wealthier and happier when they gain their independence.

The elite are probably going to try to fix the polls?

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