Thursday, April 28, 2005

40% of Germans voted for Hitler; 40% may vote for Blair.

In the German presidential election of April 1932, Hitler won thirteen and a half million votes. At least 40% of the German people supported Hitler.

A recent NOP poll in the UK suggested that 40% of Britons were going to vote for Herr Blair, leader of Britain's extreme right wing party.

Why do people vote for people like Hitler and Blair?

A minority of Germans wanted a dictator who would invade foreign countries and look after the interests of the rich elite.

A substantial number of poorly educated Germans were conned by Hitler. Hitler used brainwashing and terror to win support.

Some Britons support Blair because he invades foreign countries. A substantial number of poorly educated Britons have been brainwashed and fooled by fake terror.

But, not everyone has been brainwashed.


In a letter to the Guardian, Thursday April 28, 2005, Dr Richard Drayton gave his reasons for not voting for Blair:

1. the illegal war

2. the normalisation of torture

3. illiberal "anti-terror" legislation

4. income inequality and child poverty that have increased since 1997

5. the stealthy privatisation of public services

6. billions handed over to private companies under PFI schemes

7. much new spending on health and education going to managers and consultants

8. criminal justice being a disaster

Gavin Lewis gave his reasons:

1. welfare cuts

2. the racist scapegoating of asylum seekers

3. the abolition of student funding

4. attacks on trade unionists

5. Iraq


Would journalists like Andrew Marr and Polly Toynbee have supported Hitler if they had been
around in the 1930s?

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