Monday, March 14, 2005

Iraq - Kurds have power to block foreign troop withdrawal.,5673,1436988,00.html

Naomi Klein writes in today's Guardian:

"The US-authored interim constitution requires that all major decisions have the support of two-thirds or, in some cases, three-quarters of the assembly - an absurdly high figure that gives the Kurds the power to block any call for foreign troop withdrawal, any attempt to roll back Bremer's economic orders, and any part of a new constitution."


Why do I buy the Guardian? Because it has writers like Naomi Klein, Michael Meacher and George Monbiot.

I also read the Mail on Sunday. The Mail group, to its credit, has had articles that are sceptical about the official versions of the events surrounding the Locherbie Bomb and 9 11.

I no longer read the Mirror because it sacked its anti-war editor.

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