Saturday, March 19, 2005

Iraq - killing kids with white flags

A report from Michele Naar-Obed, who recently returned from Iraq with a Christian Peacemaker Team:

We interviewed a young Iraqi man who was in Fallujah. He told us about execution style killing of civilians by US soldiers, killing of women and children carrying white flags, and dead bodies with massive burns and unusual injuries indicating the use of white phosphorus (napalm) and other chemical weapons.

Similar reports on Fallujah were given by 2 Iraqi Human Rights workers.

We were also told that about 75% of the city's infrastructure was destroyed. At present, there is no piped water available and the water that is being brought in by government sources is inadequatly chlorinated. There are no functioning hospitals and the closest medical aid station is outside the city limits.

Additionally, we spoke with 2 UN representatives who confirmed all of these reports.

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