Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Election Manifesto

Here is our cooperative's election manifesto -

A Swiss style federal system system should be introduced. Regional 'Cantons' would legislate on matters such as education, health, transport, policing, criminal justice and local taxation. Municipalities would have increased powers.

Issues such as peace and war would have to be decided by a referendum. There would referenda on all major issues, such as whether or not to remove foreign military bases.

The federal constitution would protect basic human rights. A large majority in a referendum would be required to alter the federal constitution.

The federal government would have the power to set certain minimum standards - For example:

1. on the protection of basic human rights
2. on the minimum wage: 14 Euro / £10 sterling/ US $19 per hour.

Federal and local taxation: there would be no income tax on incomes under EUR 24,000/ £17,000 sterling / US $32,000 per year.

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