Saturday, March 19, 2005

Drug dealing PM?

'Spin' is the book by Martin Sixsmith, who once worked for the Blair government.

Who are the characters in 'Spin'?

Andy Sheen is the Prime Minister and leader of the New Project party.

Selwyn Knox is a government minister in the Department for Society. Knox's senior aide is Sonya Mair. Knox is having an affair with Mair.

Charlie McDonald is the PM's head of communications. His sidekick is Geoff Maddle.
"In the bars of Brixton," McDonald and Maddle "had shared... more women than either recalled or would admit to."

Knox has skeletons in the cupboard: sexual violence, paedophilia and probable murder.

Prime minister Sheen is a former drugs dealer.

How do you become Prime Minister?,6121,1194106,00.html

From the Guardian/Observer review of 'Spin': "Apparently, all you need is a super computer program which digs up dirt about your opponents' pasts so you can threaten them and they won't oppose you. You don't actually need a clean past yourself: it is possible to become Prime Minister, for instance, having spent a year in Colombia becoming the European arm of a major drugs operation."

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