Friday, March 04, 2005

CIA orchestrated demonstrations in Lebanon?


Why is it that the “demonstrators” in Beirut, Lebanon, had all their signs in English?

The “big crowds” the American media spoke about were less than 3000 people.

Did these few thousand Falangists speak for all of Lebanon, or are they “for hire” street people mixed with some students who made up the “demonstrations?”

Did you realize the Falangists took their name from Franco’s Falangist/Fascists? The Gemeyal family, head of the falangists, had close ties to the dictator, Franco......

Have any of you considered that the oil pipeline the Israelis want opened between Baghdad and Israel runs through Syria and Lebanon?

Have any of you considered that Israel wants the oil, but also wants the water, electricity and hashish that is grown in the southern part of Lebanon?

Are you aware most Lebanese hate the Falangists because they allied themselves with Israel, and gave intelligence to Israel, in its 1980s invasion of Lebanon, wherein most of Beirut was destroyed, thousands killed and the country made into a basket case. The Falangists also are the ones who committed the atrocities at the Sabra and Shatilla Refugee Camps wherein women, children and old men were slaughtered as the Israeli army stood guard to stop anyone from interfering with the massacres.

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