Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Africa and Israel

David Kimche, a former Israeli government official, has revealed some information about Israel's involvement in Africa. According to Kimche:

1. KENYA: Mau Mau leaders were given military training in Israel.

2. ZIMBABWE: Israel helped finance the Accra office of Robert Mugabe's National Front group.

Israel had links to Sally, the Ghanaian who became President Mugabe's wife.

3. TANZANIA: Israel's Mossad set up a spy school in Dar es Salaam

4. GHANA: Around 1959, Israel enjoyed close relations with some of Ghana's leaders.

Israel’s Ambassador to Ghana, Ehud Avriel, became a close confidant of President Kwame Nkrumah.

5. GUINEA: Shiomo Hillel, Israel’s first Ambassador to Guinea, became a firm friend of President Sekou TourĂ©

6. MALI: Rafi Ben Shalom advised President Modeiba Keita

7. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Ephraim Ben Haim forged close ties with the President.

Africa’s trade union leaders were wooed. Israel organized courses and training schools, and established the Afro-Asian Institute in Israel. Many who had links to Israel became Presidents of their countries.

Mossad helped newly independent countries in Africa to establish security and intelligence services.

Mossad spies were regular visitors to the offices and homes of African Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Mossad ran courses for African spies in Israel and in Africa.

After the Six-Day War, in 1967, Israel occupied the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Relations between Israel and white South Africa blossomed. South Africa has a large Jewish community.

Israeli contacts continued with some of Africa’s leaders. Secret meetings were held. Large numbers of Israeli businesses were set up in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zaire and elsewhere. Africans continued to attend courses in Israel.

Mossad continued to be active in Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Kenya and elsewhere.

The Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia in particular, are of strategic importance to Israel.

Israel befriended Ethiopia's Mengistu’s Ethiopia and helped Ethiopia against the Somalis.

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