Wednesday, February 02, 2005


"Banning, house arrests - it all sounds eerily familiar. Clarke's plans take me back to the days of the South African underground" - Gillian Slovo, February 2, 2005,3604,1403576,00.html

Slovo writes, in the Guardian:

"Here we play witness to a Guantánamo where a man like Begg is not, on the grounds of a possible breach of security, allowed access even to his own statement; or a Belmarsh where detainees are not allowed to hear of what it is they are accused...

"We are told that the Belmarsh detainees cannot be charged because making phone-tap evidence available is to put us in danger. Yet, in the light of WMDs that turned out not to exist, and the arrest of Rawi before he left for the Gambia, on the heinous crime of possessing a battery charger, one could be forgiven for questioning not only the veracity but also the existence of this secret intelligence. Just because the government says that the intelligence community has told it something, are we supposed to take this on trust?"

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