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C. is for CBS and CNN....

Ever wondered why the media paints things a certain way? Ideally the media would be run by people of different religions and political persuasions. One paper might be run by an Arab American and another by a Jewish American and another by a Christian American....

But in America all of the following (correct me if I'm wrong) are headed by people of one particular group: Disney, AOL/Time Warner, Sony Corp of America, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Wall St Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek...etc. (I know Sony's parent company is Japanese)

It would be better for democracy if there was a greater presence by Moslems and other such groups in the media.

C. is for CONGRESS.

Who are these terrorist who operate around the globe? Who controls them? Could it be that some of them are secretly influenced by groups within the CIA/Pentagon working on behalf of America's Narco-Military-Industrial complex?

As you know, people like Henry Kissinger have huge investments all around the world. One of Kissinger's big investments is in FREEPORT which operates in Indonesia. Some NGO's reckon that this is why the CIA/Pentagon is 'involved in terrorist activities in Indonesia'. Keep Americans in control of the oil and minerals and keep wages down? Former CIA chief Dulles had big investments in the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY which operates in the countries where the CIA 'toppled democratic governments and imposed dictatorships'. In the 1930's, the Dulles brothers 'arranged American investments in Nazi Germany'. And many Americans, 'including the Bush family' according to some commentators, backed Hitler financially.

The American CONGRESS is aware that elements within the CIA and PENTAGON have often acted illegaly. BUT, Congress is usually ignored by the powers that be. Note that well.


In 1991, Indonesian generals ( many of them trained by the Pentagon) decided to carry out a massacre of innocent civilians attending a memorial service in Dili in East Timor. They assumed they would get away with it. But a tourist had his video camera with him and the video of the massacre of reached US television. Congress then BANNED all funds for training the Indonesian military.

BUT, the Pentagon continued to train the Indonesian military, 'showing them how to to torture and murder dissidents and how to put the blame for their crimes on Moslem extremists or communists.' In 1998 Congress learnt that the Pentagon was still training Kopassus, Indonesia's 'gestapo' regiment. Congress, as usual, was impotent.

Let's look further at Indonesia for evidence of possible 'Pentagon terrorist activity.'

In 1965 General Suharto took power in Indonesia. Up to ONE MILLION Indonesians were rounded up and m urdered. Documents released from America's Government Archives show that the Americans handed to Suharto's people lists of those who were to be murdered! The former deputy CIA station chief in Indonesia, Joseph Lazarsky, and former diplomat Edward Masters, confirmed that CIA agents contributed in drawing up the death lists.

The CIA was able to exercise considerable power over Suharto and his armed forces.

According to Roger Hilsman, former CIA and State Department man, "by 1963 almost HALF of the officer corps... had been trained by the Americans."

The CIA and the Pentagon continued to train Indonesia's Top Brass: Lt Gen Johny Lumintang (brought to the USA for training in 1989), Lt Gen Prabowo Subianto (trained at Fort Benning), General Panjaitan, General Kiki Syahakri.... The top generals were trained in psy-ops, which includes 'getting army thugs to disguise themselves as Islamic militants.'

US journalist Allan Nairn, who barely escaped with his life, described what happened at Dili - The troops methodically mowed down rows of peaceful mourners who had gathered in a church....

A Catholic missionary gave an eyewitness account of a massacre in East Timor in 1981 - "Not even pregnant women were spared: they were cut open...They did what they had done to small children the previous year, grabbing them by the legs, and smashing their heads against rocks...."

The same sorts of massacres were secretly carried out throughout Indonesia. Trade-unionists were often the victims.

Lawrence Summers, the US Treasury Secretary in 1999, wrote that in East Asia governments should SUPPRESS trade unions.

Allan Nairn and other journalists report the following- In April 1999, Admiral Dennis Blair, US Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, was asked by the US State Department to tell Indonesian General Wiranto to stop the mass murders in East Timor. But when Blair met Wiranto he failed to deliver the message and instead reassured Wiranto of US support for the Indonesian armed forces. When the State Department discovered this, Blair was again asked to contact Wiranto. Blair AGAIN failed to tell Wiranto to shut the militias down.

On our TV screens we have seen 'Islamic militants' demonstrating outside the Australian Embassy or burning down buildings.

Witnesses have described how in 1998 MUSCULAR men with very SHORT haircuts, and dressed to look like Moslem militants, would descend from what looked like army trucks and then cause a riot. In Indonesia, all Islamic groups are said to be infiltrated and controlled by factions of the army. When there is a demonstartion, 'people are recruited from Tanjung Priok, handed out islamic uniforms and paid a fee.'

C. is for COREA. Do elements of the US government support the drugs/arms business? Is there a secret government within a government? "

Charles McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA (US Intelligence agency) in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy (CIA)Station Chief in Beirut were on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, in Scotland.

They were part of a counter-terrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon.


Al-Kassar was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

"Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian who made money from drugs/arms/terrorism, and who might hinder efforts to free the hostages, the McKee team decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA. They flew on Pan Am flight 103.

The Daily Mirror revealed ("Lockerbie: The Lost Evidence") that the bomb which downed the plane was probably put on board in London. Certainly the CIA were ready and waiting in Lockerbie (according to locals) when the plane came down.

Monzar Al-Kassar is not a religious zealot. He is a very rich man with a very nice villa in Marbella.

C. is for Cuba Now Cuba may be the key to understanding the Attacks on America. Want to see a TOP SECRET document? This can be seen at-

So NOW you understand! Top Americans planned to kill huge numbers of Americans and then blame it on the Cubans. I'll write that again. Top Americans planned to kill large numbers of Americans and blame it on the Cubans.

C. is for CALLEY. Does America represent Civilisation?

In the USA one woman is raped every three seconds.

American bombs killed around ONE MILLION totally INNOCENT people in NEUTRAL Cambodia and Laos. This was illegal and a world-class war crime. (Kissinger has not been put on trial).

And who is Calley? In 1968 Calley led an American Army Company which murdered between 450 and 500 INNOCENT South Vietnamese civilians (mainly women and children) in cold blood. There were NO communist guerrilas in the hamlet of My Lai where this atrocity happened. This was an act of terrorism.

Captain Ron Ridenhour wrote : "There was a small boy, about 3 or 4 years old, standing by the trail with a gunshot wound in one arm... The captain's radio officer put a burst of M 16 rifle fire into him..."

At first the White House and the American press seemed to take no interest in the My Lai Massacre and there were attempts to hush things up. Then a brave American called Seymour Hersh made the story public.

Nearly half of Americans polled refused to believe the story, in spite of photographic evidence and confessions by soldiers. (Most Americans would refuse to believe that a cabal within the US/Israeli governments were responsible for the Attacks on America, even if the proof were presented to them.)

Many officers were involved in the My Lai Massacre, but only Calley was put on trial and found guilty. Calley served 4 years in jail. Some supporters of the American war treated him as a hero.

C. is for Clinton. Who influences US policy towards terrorism and the Middle East?

After his election in 1992, Clinton had to pick 67 top people for his administration. 37 of these were Jewish.

Was that too many? Shouldn't there have been a greater balance?

Bill Clinton (I did not have sex with that woman) gave a presidential pardon to Marc Rich on the last day of his presidency.

The RICH family had raised money for Clinton's election campaign. Former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit had written a letter to Clinton confirming that RICH had provided assistance to Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency). Marc Rich was allegedly a member of Mossad. In 1983 Rich was found guilty of racketeering by a US jury.

In 1980, at the time of the Iran embassy hostage crisis, "Rich conspired with the Iranian government to sell oil on the world market. Rich was a key player in the sale of North Korean weapons to Iran. Rich recured oil for White South Africa...."


Deir Yassin is on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Well you know all about this one, don't you. A massacre in the 'Holy Land' in 1948. Terrorists killing women and children and men. 200 killed. Moslem terrorists?

Well, no actually. It was Jewish/Israeli terrorists.

Ever wonder why the Palestinians get angry? Because they were driven from their land by terror.

The killings were carried out by by the IRGUN, a terrorist organisation led by Menachem Begin, future Prime Minister of Israel. The Stern Gang were also involved. The Palestinian Arabs at Deir Yassin had signed a peace agreement with the Jews a few months before, so they were taken by surprise. The terrorists achieved their objective. Almost 600,000 palestinians fled from what is now Israel. That was ethnic cleansing.

D. is for DEATHS in the Attack on America.

How many 'important' people died in the attack on the Pentagon and in the aircraft and in the Twin Towers? Were the important people warned to stay away? Well, as far as I can make out, only ONE 'important' person was killed and that was Barbara OLSEN. This puzzled me. Olsen had just finished a book : "The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House." The book reveals Clinton's pardons for terrorists and his other unsavoury deals. Nobody has yet explained why the planes that crashed were so empty or why certain people were apparently away from their desks.

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