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B. is for Paul Barril. Barril was one of 4 French secret service agents found guilty in 1985 for telling the truth! Barril had leaked to the French press the plans by the French secret service to sink the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

B. is for Bologna Railway Station Bombing 1980. This was Europe's worst single terrorist attack. At least 84 people were killed. At first the left got blamed. But much later it was discovered that it was the fascist Avanguardia Nazionale, who had links to the P2 masonic order. Now that's a long complicated story and the bad guys got away with it.

At the time of the Bologna Bombing, the CIA was anxious to "support right wing parties" in Italy. The CIA spent huge sums of money in Italy in "trying to influence elections."

B. is for Belgium. Ever wonder how the bad guys manage to get away with it? "Why has Kissinger never been brought to trial?" is the question asked by many.

Bullies use 3 techniques -

1 They con us. Yes, you and I get conned. When that bully appears in front of the headmaster, the poor dear headmaster believes his story. And doesn't Mr Clinton look so innocent. "I did not have sex...."

2 Bullies bribe us. Like a nice young girl, a nice young boy, some heroin? Like promotion to the job of chief constable?

3 They intimidate us. We know where you live. We know the route your children take to school.

Belgium? Michel Nihoul is the gentleman who allegedly organised orgies attended by judges, policemen, senior politicians, top chaps from NATO and a former European Commissioner.

Allegedly his accomplice was Marc Dutroux. Marc Dutroux was the guy who kidnapped young girls for use by top people. Some of these girls died.

Regina Louf testified to the authorities about orgies at which she allegedly saw children tortured and murdered. She alleged that at black masses, attended by members of Belgium's elite, children were sacrificed.

Police HAVE dug up human skulls at an institute of Black Magic.

Police officer Guy Poncelet who was in on the Dutroux case was mysteriously shot dead.

Judge Connerotte, in spite of many obstacles being put in his way, arrested Dutroux. Connerotte was taken off the case!

Mr de Baets, who was investigating Regina Louf's evidence, was taken off the case.

Former deputy prime minister Andre Cools, who said he was about to reveal the criminal activities of top people, was shot dead.

But does all this involve lots of top people?

NATO Secretary General Willy Claes, whose name came up in certain enquiries at this time, was forced to resign over corruption involving kickbacks.

Dutroux had a history of evil doings, and yet in 1991 he had been released early from prison by judge Wathelet.

Dutroux then went on to kidnap young girls.



Remember these stories about how horrid Saddam Hussein's people were.?

Babies had been removed from incubators. We now know that this was American propaganda. The film of empty incubators was made by an American advertising agency.

In the First World War, the Bryce Commission produced a report claiming that in Belgium the Germans had "bayoneted a two year old child and sliced off the breast of a peasant girl...."

OK it must have been true because Lord Bryce was a respected figure in Britain? And the Germans are beasts?

Most people believed it and it helped persuade the British public that their sons must go and get themselves killed in Belgium.

But the Bryce Commission's Report was propaganda.

Bryce had not spoken to a single witness.

The report was based on alleged 'written statements' by alleged 'witnesses'.

Did these statements or witnesses ever exist? After the war it was discovered that there was no trace of these statements. They had disappeared.

The Belgian government held an Enquiry and were unable to corroborate a single major atrocity mentioned in the Bryce report.

B. is for BLAIR.

Now, who influences the British Labour Party when it comes to attitudes to terrorism and the Middle East?

Lets start with Harold Wilson.

Who were the people with whom he was most closely associated? Mother Theresa? No.

Who got honours in Wilson's final honours list? The Times wrote, in May 1976, "one reads the roll of honour: Delfont, Grade, Kagan, Rayne, Weidenfeld, Goldsmith, Hanson, Miller, Sternberg....are they his friends?"

Let's take Robert Maxwell, at one time the Labour Party's biggest backer. Maxwell looted pension funds. Yet, not a single person has ever been sent to jail for these crimes. Who were some of the people associated with this scandal? Labour per Lord Donoghue and former minister Geoffrey Robinson were board members of Maxwell companies. Hellen Liddle worked for a Maxwell company and was said to be Maxwell's 'eyes and ears in Scotland.' I am NOT suggesting any impropriety by Donoghue, Robinson or Liddle. Maxwell is widely assumed to have been a spy for Israeli secret service MOSSAD; and Maxwell is buried in a place of honour in Israel.

Who are Tony Blair's paymasters and friends? The vast majority of the big financiers of Tony Blair's Labour Party are Jewish millionaires: Lord Levy, Blair's fundraiser-in-chief and leading friend of Israel; Lord Bernstein; Sir Emmanuel Kaye.... etc.

Blair's accountant is Michael Goldstein of Blick Rothenberg.

Multi-millionaire Lord Levy (who paid £5,000 in tax in 1999, according to the Sunday Times) is Tony Blair's 'personal envoy' to the Middle East.

Levy's friends and associates include Bernie Eccleston and Ehud Barak.

This is NOT a point about the Jewish religion, but, about the fact that the Labour Party appears to have been over-influenced by 'dodgy' millionaires like Maxwell and people who are most certainly on the side of Israel.

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