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TERRORISM - It's not who you think it is?

A. is for the city of ANGELS, Los Angeles.

Who would try to blow up a building in America? A bunch of crazy Moslems?

Irv Rubin, the chairman of the Jewish Defence league, was arrested in December 2001 for conspiring to blow up the main mosque in Los Angeles. Rubin was also charged with plotting against a Republican congressman. That got little publicity.

Remember Mr Blair claiming he had damning evidence against certain Moslems for the 9/11 attacks? Later, Blair admitted that this tenuous circumstantial evidence (CIA handouts) would not stand up in court. That got little publicity.

Then there was the BBC's John Simpson in Kabul discovering a document showing how to make nukes. That got lots of publicity. Then the New York Times pointed out the document was a spoof, available on the internet. That got little or no publicity in the UK.

Then there was Zacarias Moussaoui, charged in connection with 11/9. The French secret service repeatedly tried and failed to get MI6 and the FBI to take an interest in Zacarias. The French file dated back to 1994.

Then there was Newsnight telling us that top people in the Bush administration had told the FBI, prior to 11/9, to lay off bin Laden...

A. is for Allegations that the Omagh bombing was the work of a British double agent within the Real IRA.

Former British double agent Kevin Fulton alleges that the British security forces allowed the bomb to travel in a stolen car from Dundalk to Omagh. Sounds odd? Why was the army confined to barracks on the day of the attack? Why did the RUC have only 3 men on the streets of Omagh?

According to British soldiers and double-agents ran a 'terror network' called the FRU. "The Force Research Unit (FRU) was an undercover security operation financed and run by the British state for more than two decades....(They) authorised their agents to carry out numerous illegal activities including bomb making, murder and the shooting of RUC officers...Fulton claims he...took part in a series of terrorist bombings...including...Portadown."

In one sense, Blair benefited from the Omagh bombing. The bombing helped to isolate the opponents of the Northern Ireland Agreement, and, the bombing gave Blair a pretext for bringing in draconian new laws against terrorism.

A. is for Abercorn Restaurant Bombing 1972 in Belfast.

Well, do you really know who did it? Two killed and one hundred and thirty one people injured when a 'Protestant' bomb went off.

Captain Colin Wallace, one time British army information officer, served 7 years in jail after being convicted of a serious crime in 1980. Wallace claimed he was framed because of claims he made about the British secret service's operations in Northern Ireland.

And that leads us to the Kincora Affair - the sexual abuse of young boys in Kincora boys home in Belfast. "Loyalist paramilitary leader William McGrath, who had links to British intelligence, was believed to have organised sex sessions with young boys for SENIOR POLITICIANS, civil servants and MILITARY personal."

And that leads us to who is really behind the continuing terror. Could it be the drugs barons and weapons manufacturers and organisers of protection rackets? Who was being blackmailed? And which former British Prime Minister was smeared... 16/8/01 describes how leaders of the para-militaries are heavily into organised crime. It's not about Christianity. It's about making money.

Who is making money from the ATTACKS ON AMERICA? "Arms manufacturers, construction firms and gold mining groups...." according to The Guardian 25/9/01. "US defence giant Lockheed Martin is well placed for new orders, while missile maker Raytheon has seen its shares race ahaead 30% since September 11.... "Newmont Mining have seen their shares rise. "Those hedge funds that had already been betting huge sums that the stock market would fall will have cashed in handsomely..."

George Monbiot, in the Guardian 23/10/01, wrote, "Afghanistan is the key to the Western Domination of Asia....Afghanistan is indispensible to the regional control and transport of oil in Central Asia....In 1998 Dick Cheney (then chief executive of a major oil services company)...remarked: 'I cannot think of a time when we have had a region emerge as suddenly to become so strategically important as the Caspian.' ...The only route (for an oil pipeleine from the Caspian) which makes both political and economic sense is through Afghanistan."

A. is for Algeria Ah! This is where wicked Moslem extremists kill people and oppose democracy, isn't it?

Well no, not exactly!

In 1991 the Islamic Party known as FIS won a landslide in the country's first FREE multiparty elections. The USA was not happy; and the corrupt Algerian elite were not happy. So the army took over.

Then the killings began. More than 100,000 people have died.

But is it the Moslem extremists doing the killings?

In February 2001, 'The Dirty War', by Habib Souaidia, a former Algerian army officer, was published. It tells of the part played by the Algerian army in the killing of tens of thousands of Algerians.

Habib writes: "I have seen colleagues burn alive a 15-year-old child. "I have seen soldiers disguising themselves as terrorists and massacring civilians. "I have seen colonels kill mere suspects in cold blood. "I have seen officers torture fundamentalists to death...."

Moslem extremism? Think of Palestine!

Thousands of Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured. A third of the dead were children (and they wern't all throwing stones!) Up to 3,300 Palestinian homes have been damaged by Israeli tank shells. The Israeli army has bulldozed at least 650 Palestinian homes.

A. is for American Foreign Policy.

George Monbiot, in the Guardian 23/10/01, wrote: "American foreign policy is governed by the doctrine...that the US should control military, economic and political development worldwide.

Certain theorists have considered that the aims of top people within the Pentagon/CIA/ State Department are -

1. Serve the interests of the super-rich within the USA.

2. Weaken and divide and confuse all potential rivals.

For evidence of this, look at

Perhaps present policy is to use bin Laden to weaken and divide the Moslem world?

A. is for Anti-Semitism.

Remember the Dreyfus case? Dreyfus was the French Jew who was framed by anti-semites. Anti semitism is an evil.

My own position is as follows. We must not demonise any group, be it Jews, Blacks, Germans, Scots, Chinese, Whites or Moslems. Not all Italians are members of the Mafia. Not all Israelis want soldiers to kill little Palestinian kids.

A. is for Argentina and the Falklands Invasion.

General Galtieri was the bad guy.

During his time as a fascist leader of Argentina, 30,000 people disappeared or were executed. The father of a friend of mine was tortured by Galtieri's gestapo. Many of those murdered by Galtieri's government were students and teachers.

Who trained Galtieri and his killers?

Galtieri and friends were trained by the US Army School of the Americas. The CIA was heavily involved in Argentina supporting the campaign to squash dissidents (liberals and democrats). The CIA refuses to declassify the documents involved. Galtieri invaded the Falklands.

A. is for America, our friends and allies. I like Americans. But why did their leaders not fight for us in 1939? Why did they only enter the war when attacked by Japan? Is it because many top Americans had (and have) a fascist point of view.

George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush "had assets seized by the Alien Property Custodian under the Trading with the Enemy Act for operating NAZI front companies during World War II."

General Motors, during the 1930's, "owned Opel which made trucks for the Nazi armies." German newspaper Berliner Tagelblatt called on the American ambassador to investigate Henry Ford's funding of Hitler.

Standard Oil "developed and financed Germany's synthetic fuel programme in partnership with IG Farben."

ITT "owned large amounts of stock in German Armaments companies including Focke-Wolf...."

A. is also for American Embassy Hostage Crisis, Tehran, 1979-81.

And this is where politics gets mixed up with terrorism.

"Friends of Reagan/Bush managed to DELAY the freeing of the hostages," according to some historians!

Why would they do that? To ensure that in the presidential election President Carter would lose to Reagan/Bush.

Didn't Carter attempt to rescue the hostages? Charles Beckwith led the US Delta force which attempted to free the hostages. This elite force became involved in a total shambles. Beckwith now runs a security consultancy in Texas. Was the Delta force deli berately sabotaged?

A. is for Morse Allen.

How do you get a Catholic to kill other Catholics? How do you get a fun-loving, drink-loving Lebanese Moslem to crash a plane into a building? How do you kill a president and cover your tracks?

The CIA's first behavioral research czar was Morse Allen who did research into hypnosis and brainwashing in the 1950's.

He asked young CIA secretaries to stay after work and then hypnotised them. A single word could trigger the hypnotic state. Morse managed to get hypnotised secretaries to steal secret documents.

On Feb 19 1954 Allen simulated the ultimate experiment: the creation of the Manchurian Candidate or programmed assassin. He hypnotised a secretary and told her that she would shoot her friend. An UNLOADED pistol was left by her side. The girl picked up the gun and shot her friend. Afterwards, the secretary could remember nothing of the event.

A. is for ATTA. Mohammad ATTA was the supposed hijacker of AA Flight 11. On ITN a woman, who had seen Mohammad Atta at the airport before the fatal flight, described him as looking like a zombie. 24/9/01 quoted Anne Greaves, who had spent 6 months alongside Atta learning to fly, as saying that at times he "appeared to be in a trance."

My own hunch is that Atta and friends had been brainwashed by elements of a certain intelligence service. Some reports say that the FBI had been keeping a close eye on the flying schools.

According to the Sunday Times, the hijackers "had girlfriends and drank large amounts of vodka."

In the days before the attack, the hijackers drew attention to themselves by shouting loudly and blaspheming against Allah. Two weeks after the attack, the FBI claim to have found a document in Atta's luggage (and another on the aircraft that crashed into tiny piec es in Pennsylvania) which 'conveniently link Atta to islamic terrorism.' The document states: 'check all knives.'

Does a group, clever enough to carry out this attack, put such things in writing? The document also contains phrases suggesting that the hijackers are highly religious. How does that tie in with the vodka and womanising? The document is written in "Berlitz Arabic", not the language of a native speaker, according to some Arabists. The contents are in no known dialect.

At the time of the Lockerbie trial, similar ODD bits of 'evidence' appeared. The FBI is now run by the same gentleman who 'found' the evidence for the Lockerbie trial.

NOW, here is a clue. The document found in Atta's luggage was obtained and translated by Bob Woodward of the Washington Post.

BOB WOODWARD! That name rings a bell. Bob Woodward once worked aboard USS Wright, a National Emergency Command Ship, a place that would be used by Presidents in time of nuclear war. He then moved on to the Pentagon, mixing with all the top people. It was widely assumed that he was CIA. His next move was to the Washinton post, which many allege has strong links to the CIA. Then we have Watergate which some people think was engineered by Kissinger/Bush working with Bob Woodward.

Next, let us take another alleged hijacker, a young Lebanese called ZIAD. Ziad appears to have been training as a pilot; and Ziad appears to have been on one of the planes that crashed.

BUT, the BBC's excellent Matt Frei did some investigating. And what did he find? Ziad was planning to marry his Turkish-German girlfriend later this year. Ziad was living with his girlfriend. Ziad had attended a Christian school. He liked to drink, was fun-loving and sociable, and he never expressed any anti-American feeling. The family produced a video showi ng Ziad dancing and drinking. Does this sound like a Moslem fundamentalist suicide bomber? The BBC must be cursing Frei, because otherwise the BBC has towed the party line.

The Guardian's George Monbiot wrote: "The more evidence US intelligence presents...the less credible the story becomes...

"First there was the car. A man had informed the police, we were told, that he had had a furious argument with some suspicious looking Moslems in the parking lot at Boston airport. He led the investigators to a car, in which they found a copy of the Koran and a flight manual in Arabic...

"Now flying an aeroplane is not one of these things you learn in the back of a car on the way to the airport....

"Leaving the Koran considered sinful

"And if you are about to perpetrate one of the biggest (and cleverest) terrorist outrages the world has ever seen, would you draw attention to yourself by arguing in the car park (and leaving behind evidence)? "

Then there is the passport. The security services claim that a passport belonging to one of the hijackers was extracted from the rubble of the World Trade Centre...

"We are being asked to believe that a paper document from the cockpit of the first plane - the epicentre of an inferno which vapourised steel - survived the fireball and fell to the ground almost intact."

So, regard all future evidence, no matter how convincing at first glance, as suspect.

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