Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The mainstream media cannot be trusted.


whatreallyhappened.com has a readership bigger than that of most city newspapers.


The Anthrax Letters

It was the blogs that exposed Dr. Philip Zack, the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area.

9-11 The mainstream media said that fire caused the collapse of the twin towers.

The blogs explained that there has never been a case of a steel framed building collapsing from fire. When photos surfaced showing people looking out the holes of the towers and waving at the ground, proving that there could not have been any such raging inferno, the blogs got the word out.

Fox News reported the arrest of Israeli spies after 9 11, but then pulled the story because of public pressure from AIPAC, a Jewish pressure group. AIPAC was named in a more recent Israeli spy scandal. Certain blogs point out the extent of Israeli control of the USA.

The mainstream media

20/20 broadcast a story claiming that lab tests proved that food bought at organic stores contained the same amounts of pesticides as food from major supermarket chains. A follow up investigation revealed that ABC had never even sent the samples to a lab for tests of any kind.

Fox News researched the effects of synthetic bovine growth hormone on cattle and discovered that a great deal of evidence exists that people who consume the meat or dairy products from treated cattle can suffer adverse health effects. Monsanto together with dairy associations pressured Fox News to shut the story down.

Total viewership of the network news is in decline, while readership of the blogs is increasing.

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