Sunday, February 27, 2005

Independents standing for the UK parliament,,1-525-1502169,00.html

Craig Murray was ousted as ambassador in Uzbekistan after claiming the British government was turning a blind eye to torture.

Murray is standing as an independent against his former boss, Jack Straw, in the forthcoming general election in the constituency of Blackburn.

Murray will campaign on Britain’s foreign policy, including the war in Iraq and MI6’s alleged acceptance of intelligence obtained under torture.

A leaked document has shown that Labour sees Straw’s normally rock-solid constituency as a marginal.

Murray is one of more than a dozen independent candidates standing at the next election.

Two independents plan to challenge Margaret Hodge, the children’s minister. She was allegedly negligent as head of Islington council when a paedophile ring preyed on children’s homes in the London borough.

Independents from the Save the Scottish Regiments movement also aim to target Gordon Brown, the chancellor, and Adam Ingram, the defence minister.

Three years ago, the mining town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, elected an independent mayor. The following year independents gained a majority on the local council. Now Stewart Rickersey is going to stand as an independent against Alan Meale, the local Labour MP.

Neighbouring Ashfield is Defence Minister Hoon’s constituency. Here, the district council is close to independent domination. One of two independent parliamentary anti-war candidates is Kate Allsop, a businesswoman and former Tory. The second independent standing against Hoon is Reg Keys, the father of a military policeman killed by an Iraqi mob.

In 2001, Dr Richard Taylor, retired hospital consultant, angered by a threat to Kidderminster hospital, took the safe Labour seat of Wyre Forest with a majority of 17,000.

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Tavis Pitt said...

Although it has not been confirmed, Dr. Richard Taylor is contesting the Wyre Forest seat in this year's expected General Election. They (Health Concern) lost control of the district council back in June and many wonder if he will win again. One of the main reasons for him winning with a 17,000 majority, was the people of Wyre Forest were let down by the Labour MP. See 'The Community Activist'.

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