Monday, February 21, 2005

The BBC's Clive Myrie and Pentagon propaganda

Extracts from "Remembering The First Siege Of Fallujah: Excerpts From Testimony Submitted To The World Tribunal On Iraq," by Omar Khan and Dahr Jamail (February 14, 2005), available at

Iraqi women and children are being shot by American snipers.

Dr. Abdul Jabbar reported that "Many people were injured and killed by cluster bombs... Not less than 60% of the dead were women and children. You can go see the graves for yourself."

At Yarmouk Hospital, a lead doctor reported that he saw American soldiers killing women and children.

A doctor working in a temporary emergency clinic in Fallujah during April's siege posed a question: "When you see a child five years old with no head what can you say? When you see a child with no brain just an open cavity what can you say? When you see a mother just hold her infant with no head and the shells are all over her body?"



On the BBC's main lunchtime news, Clive Myrie reported on George Bush's State of the Union address. To enhance the propaganda impact Bush arranged for an American woman whose son had been killed in Iraq to embrace an Iraqi woman whose husband had been killed by Saddam Hussein.

Before a massive national TV audience, Myrie commented: "A woman who gave up her son so another could be free." (Myrie, BBC1, 13:00 News, February 23, 2005)

Anybody here remember the WMDs that weren't? The ongoing pre-war genocide that wasn't? The al-Qaeda links that weren't? The Iraqis waving flags at "Coalition" troops that didn't? Does anyone remember the vast oil reserves in Iraq?

Someone tell Clive Myrie!

On the BBC's late news, Matt Frei informed us of American plans to leave Iraq as soon as possible. Why? Because US leaders "don't want to outstay the welcome of their troops." (Frei, BBC1, 22:00 News, January 31, 2005)


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