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Sajid Badat

What sort of person would MI5 or MI6 or Mossad like to control?


Sajid Mahomed Badat's parents Muhammad Badat and Zubeida Patel came to Britain after quitting Malawi, where they had been part of the Asian community brought there to help run the country when it was the British colony of Nyasaland.

His father became a newsagent and still runs a corner shop.

Badat attended the Crypt Grammar School, where he gained four A-levels.

Newsweek story,+2001

U.S. military sources have given theFBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes that were used in the 9 11 terror attacks received training at secure U.S.military installations in the 1990s.

Three of the alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers licensesand car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla. -- known asthe "Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation," according to a high-ranking U.S. Navysource.

Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in strategy andtactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., said another high-rankingPentagon official.

The fifth man may have received language instruction atLackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex.
Rashi Abu Sba, head of the preventive security apparatus in Gaza, the equivalent of the Shin Bet, accused the Israeli security service of tricking young Palestinians into conducting missions in the name of Al-Qaida.


Do elements of the US government support the drugs/arms business?

Is there a secret government within a government?

"Charles McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA (US Intelligence agency) in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy (CIA)Station Chief in Beirut were on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, in Scotland.They were part of a counter-terrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon."


"Al-Kassar was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North."

Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian who made money from drugs/arms/terrorism, and who might hinder efforts to free the hostages, the McKee team decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA. They flew on Pan Am flight 103.

The Daily Mirror revealed ("Lockerbie: The Lost Evidence") that the bomb which downed the plane was probably not put on board in Malta. Certainly the CIA were ready and waiting in Lockerbie (according to locals) when the plane came down.Monzar Al-Kassar is not a religious zealot. He is a very rich man with a very nice villa in Marbella.


An internal investigation by Pan Am is believed to have found that the bomb planted on Flight 103 was not put on the plane in Malta by the Libyan suspects, as alleged by the prosecution in the trial.

The Pan Am report is believed to have concluded that the bomb was not aimed at the killing of Americans in general, but was targeted specifically to kill a small band of DIA operatives that had uncovered a drugs ring run by a "rogue" CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.


In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.



An article in afrocubaweb states:

"a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston’s Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid."

ICTS had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.


Richard Reid

With the hard evidence available to date, it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that the entire incident on Flight 63 was set up as a psychological reinforcer.


Richard Reid's links to Israel


Who really murdered Yvonne Fletcher?


C. is for CBS and CNN....

Ever wondered why the media paints things a certain way? Ideally the media would be run by people of different religions and political persuasions. One paper might be run by an Arab American and another by a Jewish American and another by a Christian American....

But in America all of the following (correct me if I'm wrong) are headed by people of one particular group: Disney, AOL/Time Warner, Sony Corp of America, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Wall St Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek...etc. (I know Sony's parent company is Japanese)

It would be better for democracy if there was a greater presence by Moslems and other such groups in the media.

C. is for CONGRESS.

Who are these terrorist who operate around the globe? Who controls them? Could it be that some of them are secretly influenced by groups within the CIA/Pentagon working on behalf of America's Narco-Military-Industrial complex?

As you know, people like Henry Kissinger have huge investments all around the world. One of Kissinger's big investments is in FREEPORT which operates in Indonesia. Some NGO's reckon that this is why the CIA/Pentagon is 'involved in terrorist activities in Indonesia'. Keep Americans in control of the oil and minerals and keep wages down? Former CIA chief Dulles had big investments in the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY which operates in the countries where the CIA 'toppled democratic governments and imposed dictatorships'. In the 1930's, the Dulles brothers 'arranged American investments in Nazi Germany'. And many Americans, 'including the Bush family' according to some commentators, backed Hitler financially.

The American CONGRESS is aware that elements within the CIA and PENTAGON have often acted illegaly. BUT, Congress is usually ignored by the powers that be. Note that well.


In 1991, Indonesian generals ( many of them trained by the Pentagon) decided to carry out a massacre of innocent civilians attending a memorial service in Dili in East Timor. They assumed they would get away with it. But a tourist had his video camera with him and the video of the massacre of reached US television. Congress then BANNED all funds for training the Indonesian military.

BUT, the Pentagon continued to train the Indonesian military, 'showing them how to to torture and murder dissidents and how to put the blame for their crimes on Moslem extremists or communists.' In 1998 Congress learnt that the Pentagon was still training Kopassus, Indonesia's 'gestapo' regiment. Congress, as usual, was impotent.

Let's look further at Indonesia for evidence of possible 'Pentagon terrorist activity.'

In 1965 General Suharto took power in Indonesia. Up to ONE MILLION Indonesians were rounded up and m urdered. Documents released from America's Government Archives show that the Americans handed to Suharto's people lists of those who were to be murdered! The former deputy CIA station chief in Indonesia, Joseph Lazarsky, and former diplomat Edward Masters, confirmed that CIA agents contributed in drawing up the death lists.

The CIA was able to exercise considerable power over Suharto and his armed forces.

According to Roger Hilsman, former CIA and State Department man, "by 1963 almost HALF of the officer corps... had been trained by the Americans."

The CIA and the Pentagon continued to train Indonesia's Top Brass: Lt Gen Johny Lumintang (brought to the USA for training in 1989), Lt Gen Prabowo Subianto (trained at Fort Benning), General Panjaitan, General Kiki Syahakri.... The top generals were trained in psy-ops, which includes 'getting army thugs to disguise themselves as Islamic militants.'

US journalist Allan Nairn, who barely escaped with his life, described what happened at Dili - The troops methodically mowed down rows of peaceful mourners who had gathered in a church....

A Catholic missionary gave an eyewitness account of a massacre in East Timor in 1981 - "Not even pregnant women were spared: they were cut open...They did what they had done to small children the previous year, grabbing them by the legs, and smashing their heads against rocks...."

The same sorts of massacres were secretly carried out throughout Indonesia. Trade-unionists were often the victims.

Lawrence Summers, the US Treasury Secretary in 1999, wrote that in East Asia governments should SUPPRESS trade unions.

Allan Nairn and other journalists report the following- In April 1999, Admiral Dennis Blair, US Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, was asked by the US State Department to tell Indonesian General Wiranto to stop the mass murders in East Timor. But when Blair met Wiranto he failed to deliver the message and instead reassured Wiranto of US support for the Indonesian armed forces. When the State Department discovered this, Blair was again asked to contact Wiranto. Blair AGAIN failed to tell Wiranto to shut the militias down.

On our TV screens we have seen 'Islamic militants' demonstrating outside the Australian Embassy or burning down buildings.

Witnesses have described how in 1998 MUSCULAR men with very SHORT haircuts, and dressed to look like Moslem militants, would descend from what looked like army trucks and then cause a riot. In Indonesia, all Islamic groups are said to be infiltrated and controlled by factions of the army. When there is a demonstartion, 'people are recruited from Tanjung Priok, handed out islamic uniforms and paid a fee.'

C. is for COREA. Do elements of the US government support the drugs/arms business? Is there a secret government within a government? "

Charles McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA (US Intelligence agency) in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy (CIA)Station Chief in Beirut were on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, in Scotland.

They were part of a counter-terrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon.


Al-Kassar was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

"Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian who made money from drugs/arms/terrorism, and who might hinder efforts to free the hostages, the McKee team decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA. They flew on Pan Am flight 103.

The Daily Mirror revealed ("Lockerbie: The Lost Evidence") that the bomb which downed the plane was probably put on board in London. Certainly the CIA were ready and waiting in Lockerbie (according to locals) when the plane came down.

Monzar Al-Kassar is not a religious zealot. He is a very rich man with a very nice villa in Marbella.

C. is for Cuba Now Cuba may be the key to understanding the Attacks on America. Want to see a TOP SECRET document? This can be seen at-

So NOW you understand! Top Americans planned to kill huge numbers of Americans and then blame it on the Cubans. I'll write that again. Top Americans planned to kill large numbers of Americans and blame it on the Cubans.

C. is for CALLEY. Does America represent Civilisation?

In the USA one woman is raped every three seconds.

American bombs killed around ONE MILLION totally INNOCENT people in NEUTRAL Cambodia and Laos. This was illegal and a world-class war crime. (Kissinger has not been put on trial).

And who is Calley? In 1968 Calley led an American Army Company which murdered between 450 and 500 INNOCENT South Vietnamese civilians (mainly women and children) in cold blood. There were NO communist guerrilas in the hamlet of My Lai where this atrocity happened. This was an act of terrorism.

Captain Ron Ridenhour wrote : "There was a small boy, about 3 or 4 years old, standing by the trail with a gunshot wound in one arm... The captain's radio officer put a burst of M 16 rifle fire into him..."

At first the White House and the American press seemed to take no interest in the My Lai Massacre and there were attempts to hush things up. Then a brave American called Seymour Hersh made the story public.

Nearly half of Americans polled refused to believe the story, in spite of photographic evidence and confessions by soldiers. (Most Americans would refuse to believe that a cabal within the US/Israeli governments were responsible for the Attacks on America, even if the proof were presented to them.)

Many officers were involved in the My Lai Massacre, but only Calley was put on trial and found guilty. Calley served 4 years in jail. Some supporters of the American war treated him as a hero.

C. is for Clinton. Who influences US policy towards terrorism and the Middle East?

After his election in 1992, Clinton had to pick 67 top people for his administration. 37 of these were Jewish.

Was that too many? Shouldn't there have been a greater balance?

Bill Clinton (I did not have sex with that woman) gave a presidential pardon to Marc Rich on the last day of his presidency.

The RICH family had raised money for Clinton's election campaign. Former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit had written a letter to Clinton confirming that RICH had provided assistance to Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency). Marc Rich was allegedly a member of Mossad. In 1983 Rich was found guilty of racketeering by a US jury.

In 1980, at the time of the Iran embassy hostage crisis, "Rich conspired with the Iranian government to sell oil on the world market. Rich was a key player in the sale of North Korean weapons to Iran. Rich recured oil for White South Africa...."


Deir Yassin is on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Well you know all about this one, don't you. A massacre in the 'Holy Land' in 1948. Terrorists killing women and children and men. 200 killed. Moslem terrorists?

Well, no actually. It was Jewish/Israeli terrorists.

Ever wonder why the Palestinians get angry? Because they were driven from their land by terror.

The killings were carried out by by the IRGUN, a terrorist organisation led by Menachem Begin, future Prime Minister of Israel. The Stern Gang were also involved. The Palestinian Arabs at Deir Yassin had signed a peace agreement with the Jews a few months before, so they were taken by surprise. The terrorists achieved their objective. Almost 600,000 palestinians fled from what is now Israel. That was ethnic cleansing.

D. is for DEATHS in the Attack on America.

How many 'important' people died in the attack on the Pentagon and in the aircraft and in the Twin Towers? Were the important people warned to stay away? Well, as far as I can make out, only ONE 'important' person was killed and that was Barbara OLSEN. This puzzled me. Olsen had just finished a book : "The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House." The book reveals Clinton's pardons for terrorists and his other unsavoury deals. Nobody has yet explained why the planes that crashed were so empty or why certain people were apparently away from their desks.

America's struggle for world supremacy

Peter Schwarz, in, relates that in 1997, Zbigniew Brzezinski published The Grand Chessboard.

Brzezinski argued that “America’s capacity to exercise global primacy” depends on whether America can prevent “the emergence of a dominant and antagonistic Eurasian power.”

When the Western-oriented Viktor Yushchenko became president of the Ukraine, the US captured a strategically important position on the global chessboard.

The US aims to control the states that emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The first Iraq war in 1991 undermined Russian influence in the Middle East.

The same process took place in the Balkans following the war on Serbia in 1999 in the Balkans.

In 2001 the US established military bases in former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and to some extent Azerbaijan have allied themselves to the US.

Georgia now has a pro-Western regime.

In Europe, most members of the former Warsaw Pact have now joined NATO and the European Union.

Brzezinski wrote: “a Russia that retained control over Ukraine could still seek to be the leader of an assertive Eurasian empire.... But without Ukraine and its 52 million fellow Slavs, any attempt by Moscow to rebuild the Eurasian empire was likely to leave Russia entangled alone in protracted conflicts with the nationally and religiously aroused non-Slavs, the war with Chechnya perhaps simply being the first example.”

The Stratfor news web site states: “without Ukraine, Russia’s political, economic and military survivability are called into question... To say Russia is at a turning point is a gross understatement. Without Ukraine, Russia is doomed to a painful slide into geopolitical obsolescence and ultimately, perhaps even non-existence.”

Eighty percent of Russian gas and oil exports to Europe flows through Ukrainian pipelines.

Peter Schwarz writes: 'The break-up of Yugoslavia left the country in ruins, wracked by continuous ethnic tensions and hatred, which regularly erupt into violence. Corrupt regimes with connections to organised crime predominate, and bitter poverty and unemployment are widespread.

'Germany and the US went to considerable lengths to promote the downfall of Yugoslavia, by supporting the independence of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia.'

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Independents standing for the UK parliament,,1-525-1502169,00.html

Craig Murray was ousted as ambassador in Uzbekistan after claiming the British government was turning a blind eye to torture.

Murray is standing as an independent against his former boss, Jack Straw, in the forthcoming general election in the constituency of Blackburn.

Murray will campaign on Britain’s foreign policy, including the war in Iraq and MI6’s alleged acceptance of intelligence obtained under torture.

A leaked document has shown that Labour sees Straw’s normally rock-solid constituency as a marginal.

Murray is one of more than a dozen independent candidates standing at the next election.

Two independents plan to challenge Margaret Hodge, the children’s minister. She was allegedly negligent as head of Islington council when a paedophile ring preyed on children’s homes in the London borough.

Independents from the Save the Scottish Regiments movement also aim to target Gordon Brown, the chancellor, and Adam Ingram, the defence minister.

Three years ago, the mining town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, elected an independent mayor. The following year independents gained a majority on the local council. Now Stewart Rickersey is going to stand as an independent against Alan Meale, the local Labour MP.

Neighbouring Ashfield is Defence Minister Hoon’s constituency. Here, the district council is close to independent domination. One of two independent parliamentary anti-war candidates is Kate Allsop, a businesswoman and former Tory. The second independent standing against Hoon is Reg Keys, the father of a military policeman killed by an Iraqi mob.

In 2001, Dr Richard Taylor, retired hospital consultant, angered by a threat to Kidderminster hospital, took the safe Labour seat of Wyre Forest with a majority of 17,000.

U.S. to resume Indonesian military training

The United States is to resume training the Indonesian armed forces, officials announced on Saturday.

Congress suspended the training in 1992, when the Indonesian military launched a bloody crackdown against pro-independence protesters in East Timor.

The sanctions were further tightened in 1999, after the Indonesian army was accused of killing about 1,500 people in East Timor in a bid to prevent the territory from gaining independence.

The ban was written into law by the U.S. Congress in 2002, when U.S. lawmakers insisted that generals in Jakarta were blocking an investigation into the killing of two U.S. school teachers in Indonesia's Papua province.

The decision 'caps a quiet lobbying campaign by top Pentagon officials led by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.'

UK troops 'beat relatives of Camp Breadbasket captives'

UK troops 'beat relatives of Camp Breadbasket captives'

According to the UK's Independent on Sunday 'Iraqi civilians were punched and kicked after arriving at Camp Breadbasket to find out why friends and relatives had been detained.'

The Crawford Deal: did Blair sign up for war at Bush's Texas ranch in April 2002?

The Crawford Deal: did Blair sign up for war at Bush's Texas ranch in April 2002?

The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, gave an opinion on 7 March 2003 which said that for the Iraq war to be legal, a UN Security Council resolution specifically backing force was needed.

Later, he seemed to change his mind.

When did Tony Blair first sign up to a war?

Leaked documents show that as early as March 2002, the Prime Minister's foreign policy adviser, Sir David Manning, assured Condoleezza Rice of Mr Blair's support for "regime change".

Sir Christopher Meyer, British ambassador to the US, then repeated the commitment to Paul Wolfowitz, the US Deputy Defence Secretary. The ambassador added that Mr Blair would need a "cover" for any military action. "I then went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN Security Council resolutions."

The Independent on Sunday has discovered further information indicating that when Mr Blair met Mr Bush at his Texas ranch on 7 and 8 April 2002, he committed Britain to an assault on Iraq.


William Clark describes 'The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target:
The Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker'

"The Iranians are about to commit an 'offense' far greater than Saddam Hussein's conversion to the euro of Iraq’s oil exports in the fall of 2000. Numerous articles have revealed Pentagon planning for operations against Iran as early as 2005. While the publicly stated reasons will be over Iran's nuclear ambitions, there are unspoken macroeconomic drivers explaining the Real Reasons regarding the 2nd stage of petrodollar warfare - Iran's upcoming euro-based oil Bourse.

"In 2005-2006, The Tehran government has a developed a plan to begin competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a euro-denominated international oil-trading mechanism. This means that without some form of US intervention, the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade. Given U.S. debt levels and the stated neoconservative project for U.S. global domination, Tehran's objective constitutes an obvious encroachment on U.S. dollar supremacy in the international oil market."


It's Oscars night. Can we believe the rumours?


In 2001, a court declared that Tom Cruise "is not, and never has been, homosexual and has never had a homosexual affair". Cruise then dropped a $100 million defamation suit against the publisher of Bold Magazine for claiming to have a picture of Cruise having sex with another man.

In 1956, Liberace sued a London columnist for suggesting he was gay. Liberace swore he was not.

Hollywood does not like its stars to be known as bisexual or gay. Rudolf Valentino's career suffered after he was called gay. Singer Johnny Ray suffered as the result of an article in Confidential Magazine that suggested he had attempted a drunken pass on a man.

On the other hand, it has been reported that Errol Flynn did not seem to mind being labeled bisexual.

Tab Hunter was reportedly arrested at a gay drag party, but survived.

Laurence Olivier, rumoured to be bisexual, became a Lord.

Cary Grant's career blossomed while living openly with Randolph Scott.

Rock Hudson was widely known to cruise gay bars, but continued to make films.

In his autobiography, Marlon Brando related that he had had homosexual affairs.

Tyrone Power, Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Clark Gable were alleged to be bisexual, but contined to be big stars.

Barbara Walters asked Ricky Martin whether or not he is gay. Martin replied that his sexuality is private.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have allowed themselves to be photographed on the same bed.


Which stars are rumoured to be bisexual?


James Dean, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Charles Laughton, Danny Kay, Luchino Visconti, Montgomery Clift, Rudolph Valentino, Richard Burton....


Among those who have acknowledged having had a same-sex experience


Dirk Bogarde, Marlon Brando...


'Open Secret: Gay Hollywood' by David Ehrenstein refers to a number of 'bisexual' stars such as, allegedly, Richard Chamberlain. It also refers to alleged star couples:

Montgomery Clift and Jack Larson, Farley Granger and Arthur Laurents, Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott.


More names:


Fatty Arbuckle's career 'was wrecked when it was revealed that he had buggered all twelve Keystone Cops.'

'Raymond Burr was well known for his homosexual liaisons with rent-boys.'

There are allegedly tales of John Wayne wearing women's clothes, the young Clarke Gable being being involved with William Haines and John Wayne having an affair with Gable.

Wayne and Clarke Gable reportedly 'became lovers in 1936.'


Film historian Kevin Brownwing, author of 'The Golden Grope - A History of Hollywood Harassment' writes about John Wayne's use of casting sessions to seduce young males.

"During the 1940s the outwardly conservative and heterosexual Wayne would regularly attend screen tests with director John Ford, in order to size up potential conquests. He'd get Ford to order the young hopefuls to take off their shirts and enact scenes which required them to lift heavy objects or bend over a lot."

Wayne's conquests allegedly included Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea and Montgomery Clift, 'with whom he had a torrid affair during the making of Red River in 1948'.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Amnesty campaign

Amnesty International has seen an estimated 100,000 cards, sent to prisoners and others at risk around the world.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said: "The simple gesture of sending a greetings card to people at risk is an amazingly effective means of helping to protect people and it can even play a small part in securing people’s release from wrongful detention.

Among the prisoners released:

Moazzam Begg, Feroz Abbasi, Martin Mubanga and Richard Belmar: British nationals held without trial at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere for around three years. Their families have expressed their gratitude for thousands of cards sent to them.

The 2004-5 greetings cards campaign included:
Ignatius Mahendra Kusuma Wardhana - a student organiser imprisoned in Indonesia for three years for “insulting the President or Vice-President”

Zheng Enchong, an imprisoned lawyer in China, no longer held in a solitary confinement, though still imprisoned in high security cell.

Of the 35 cases featured in last year’s campaign, 12 people were later released and at least four others experienced an improvement in their circumstances.

Torture is normal in the British army?

Human rights' lawyer Phil Shiner, representing Iraqi abuse victims, has alleged that the recent trial of British soldiers was "a show trial" and that a miscarriage of justice occurred because the court refused to accept evidence from his Iraqi clients.

The lawyer said: "This was a show trial run ... to a predetermined script based on damage limitation. It shows how the military cannot be allowed to investigate and prosecute themselves. There must be an independent investigation into what really happened. All those responsible should be prosecuted no matter how far up the chain of command."

Aqeel Jasim Mohammed, said: "I was kicked on my testicles which left a permanent damage. I am no longer able to perform the sexual act, I had to divorce my wife recently as a consequence. My lip was cut and nose broken, we were like toys in their hands."

Another victim said: "There was a female soldier wearing shorts and vest, she held an aerial in her hand. She detached a horse-driven cart and attached it to one of the detainees, she started hitting him with the aerial asking him to pull the cart."


Joanna Bourke, professor of history at Birkbeck College, writes in the Guardian, 26 Feb 2005:,2763,1425904,00.html

"Given our army's record of abuse and torture in Malaya, Kenya, Aden, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland (to name just a few), is it any wonder that many people might react cynically to claims that justice has been done?

"A survey carried out by the Ministry of Defence in 2002 found that more than 40% of British soldiers believed the army had a problem with bullying, sexual discrimination and harassment...

"In addition, the claims of ritual humiliation and sexual abuse at Deepcut training camp, in Surrey, are profoundly disturbing. A police report into the barracks contained more than 100 allegations of serious abuse...

" In the Falklands war of 1982, British soldiers on troop ships were shown violent pornographic films as a way of stimulating their aggression prior to battle."

Friday, February 25, 2005

Found: Iraq abuse victims the UK army failed to trace

The Independent and Daily Mail have tracked down the five men who appear in photographs taken by a British soldier in Basra, in 2003.

The five Iraqi men told the newspapers they had not been contacted about the case.

None of the victims gave evidence during the trial, which the Royal Military Police said was because officers were unable to trace the men.

However, the newspapers said they found the men living about a mile from the camp within days.

Photographs, including humiliating sexual images of naked Iraqis, were taken by Gary Bartlam, 20, who then took them to be developed at a shop in his hometown of Tamworth, Staffordshire, where an assistant called in police.

The judge in charge of the courts-martial said the men's "brutal," "cruel" and "revolting" behavior had "undoubtedly tarnished the international reputation of the British Army and to some extent the British nation too."

Briton saw Americans kill suspects

I saw Americans kill suspects, says Briton

Moazzam Begg, 37, who was released by the Metropolitan Police without charge after three years' imprisonment, accuses his American captors of beating two detainees to death at the Bagram air base near Kabul in Afghanistan.

In his first interview since his release, he told Channel 4 News : "I saw one body actually being carried away."

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Politicians - Tessa Jowell, Cathy Jamieson, Michael Howard....

The husband of the culture secretary, Tessa Jowell, said last night he faced being put on trial on charges of tax evasion and money laundering.,3605,1424047,00.html


Scotland's justice minister Cathy Jamieson strongly denied helping a relative evade the law.
While the Labour MSP transferred £100 to the bank account of nephew Derek Hyslop - who was on the run from police at the time - in July 1999, she has stated that she had no idea he was wanted by police.

Hyslop, a drug addict who had just killed a woman in a robbery in Derby, was later jailed for manslaughter. Jamieson said the money was meant for her nephew’s baby.




A Collection of Links on alleged political corruption

Hunter S Thomson and 9 11

August 2002 interview with Hunter S. Thompson on the subject of 9 11:

Hunter S. Thompson: The Administration was able to use that event... as a springboard for everything they wanted to do. And that might tell you something... Who stands to benefit? Who had the opportunity and the motive? ...Well I saw that the US government was going to benefit, and the White House people, the republican administration to take the mind of the public off of the crashing economy. Now you want to keep in mind that every time a person named Bush gets into office, the nation goes into a drastic recession...

Why are we welcoming this torturer?

Victoria Brittain, in theGuardian 24 Feb 2005:

"In prisons in Egypt, Jordan and Syria... men have been tortured by electric shocks to the genitals, by being kept in water, by being threatened with death - after being flown to those countries by the CIA for that very purpose...

"How can it be that not one mainstream public figure in Europe has denounced these appalling practices and declared that, in view of all we now know of cells, cages, underground bunkers, solitary confinement, sodomy and threatened sodomy, beatings, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, mock executions and kidnapping, President Bush and his officials are not welcome?

"Perhaps it's not surprising given the British army's own dismal record in southern Iraq...

"Why has no public figure had the honesty to admit that the democracy and freedom promised for the Middle East are fake and mask US plans to leave Washington dominant in the area? And why does no one say publicly that what is really happening in the "war on terror" is a war on Muslims that is creating a far more dangerous world for all?

"A s far back as September 2002, a secret CIA study into the Guantánamo detainees suggested that many were innocent..."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Indonesian army murdered two Americans?

Activists Link Indonesian Military to murder of two Americans

Laksamana.Net reports that human rights advocates are claiming there is new evidence linking the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) to the August 2002 killing of two Americans and an Indonesian near the huge Freeport gold and copper mine in Papua province.

The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights is urging Condoleezza Rice to consider the evidence before resuming aid to the Indonesian military (TNI).

"By murdering these U.S. citizens, the TNI may have been seeking higher payments to protect the Freeport mine" said Eben Kirksey, a regional specialist who is a Fellow at the University of California Washington Center. "

The Indonesian military has set up militias throughout West Papua. Militia violence is reportedly used by the military to extort payments from foreign companies and Indonesia's own civilian administration.

Edmund McWilliams, former Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, said, "It is crucial that the FBI explore well-documented ties between the Indonesian military and the single individual so far indicted as well as a number of unindicted co-conspirators."

BACKGROUND On August 31, 2002, gunmen shot to death two U.S. citizens and one Indonesian citizen while wounding eight other U.S. citizens. This attack occurred on the heavily guarded main road within the mining project area of U.S.-based Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. (NYSE symbol: FCX).

Initial Indonesian police reports identified the Indonesian military as likely being involved in the attack.

In June 2004, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the indictment of one man in connection with the crime, an Indonesian citizen named Anthonius Wamang. Wamang's whereabouts are believed to be known to Indonesian authorities. He remains at large. Since the indictment, the FBI has not returned to Indonesia to continue the investigation.

The newly documented evidence of Indonesian military involvement in the August 2002 attack includes these elements:


Wamang traveled to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in January 2002. Allegedly military agents paid for Wamang's travel and accommodation expenses during this trip. Wamang reportedly claims that the ambush was planned during his January-March 2002 trip to Java.


Wamang has admitted in a videotaped interview, televised in August 2004 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, that he purchased bullets from the Indonesian military. Reportedly there is new detailed evidence about the roles of two other presumed co-conspirators who helped procure the weapons used in the attack. These presumed co-conspirators have collaborated with Indonesian military agents since 1996. One of the co-conspirators flew to Jakarta where he stayed at the home of Colonel Sugiono, an active army officer. Once automatic rifles were purchased from Indonesian military agents in Bandung, Col. Sugiono arranged for the payment of the airfare for this presumed co-conspirator to return to West Papua. The rifles were not immediately brought back to West Papua and were stored at the Cikini Police Station (Polsek Cikini) in Jakarta.


Around 2/3 of the Indonesian military budget comes from various businesses. These include security contracts with private companies and illegal extortion. 'There is a documented history of TNI extortion of "protection money" from Freeport'.

Freeport reportedly made direct transfers, in amounts ranging from $1,800 to $2,100 per month, into the personal account of the regional military commander for West Papua (Pangdam Trikora). These payments were reportedly discontinued in the months leading up to the August 2002 attack. According to a communication by Freeport with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company paid the TNI $5.6 million in 2002.

Lord Goldsmith never wrote a formal legal opinion that the Iraq invasion was legal?,12956,1423304,00.html

Richard Norton-Taylor, in the February 23, 2005 Guardian, writes that the UK attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, warned less than two weeks before the invasion of Iraq that military action could be illegal.

A parliamentary answer issued days before the war in the name of Lord Goldsmith was drawn up in Downing Street, not in the attorney general's chambers.

According to the Guardian, "it appears that Lord Goldsmith never wrote an unequivocal formal legal opinion that the invasion was lawful, as demanded by Lord Boyce, chief of defence staff at the time."

The Guardian reveals that in her letter of resignation in protest against the war, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser at the Foreign Office, described the planned invasion of Iraq as a "crime of aggression".

Lord Goldsmith warned Tony Blair in a document on March 7 2003 that the use of force against Iraq could be illegal.

Lord Goldsmith made clear he did not draw up the March 17 written parliamentary answer. They "set out my view", he told the Butler inquiry, referring to Lord Falconer and Baroness Morgan.

Yet the following day, March 18, that answer was described in the Commons order paper as the attorney general's "opinion". During the debate, influential Labour backbenchers and the Conservative frontbench said it was an important factor behind their decision to vote for war.

Confidence in religious institutions

Gallup poll in the USA.

Confidence in religious organisations:

1973 to the mid-1980s - religious institutions obtained many ratings above 60%.

1989 - Televangelist scandals involving embezzlement and sexual improprieties by Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baaker and other Christian leaders.

Confidence sank to only 52%.

2002 confidence sank to 45%

2002 results were:
26% had a "great deal" of confidence;
19% had "quite a lot;"


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kenya's crimebuster gives up

Why is there poverty in Kenya?

The UK Observer, 13 February 2005, reported on corruption in Kenya.

John Githongo, appointed Kenya's first-ever permanent secretary for governance and ethics two years ago, has resigned.

Githongo exposed the politicians and government officials who plundered billions of dollars of public funds. 10% of Kenya's GDP was stolen under the corrupt rule of Daniel arap Moi during the Nineties.

Moi's replacement, President Mwai Kibaki, appointed Githongo, a former country head of Transparency International, to lead a clean-up.

However, Githongo 'was the victim of a powerful clique around Kibaki that wanted to edge him out.'

Is corruption in Kenya much different from corruption in the USA and UK?

This war is about money

“This war is about money. The money is only making the rich man richer.”

A soldier in Iraq writes:

"From Vietnam to Iraq the Armed Forces has been a chess piece in a game for money and power by elite Americans...

"Most people believe that dollars are being handed over to Iraq to rebuild their country on the backs of the American tax payers and under the protection of US troops. However, the money never sees Iraq. It leaves your wallet and goes through the system in DC and ends up in a corporation with the sizeable government contract.

"Our leaders use media to force the United States people into anxiety using colored threat levels, video of violence, and worse case scenarios presented as emergency updates."

Ken Livingstone supported by 76% of public,14341,1420116,00.html

Ken Livingstone has been in a war of words with London's Evening Standard newspaper, since he compared one of its Jewish reporters to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

The mayor has said his words were not intended to cause offence to Jewish people and he would stick by his decision not to apologise to the journalist or his employers, the Daily Mail group.

Mr Livingstone says that 76% of public correspondence over the row has been supportive of his stance.

The Guardian's poll asked 'Is Ken Livingstone right not to apologise?'

76% voted YES

Corruption in Iraq - File on 4

On February 1, BBC radio’s “File on 4” programme described the plundering of Iraq’s oil by the US government, its allies and big business.

Money that was supposed to be used to renew the infrastructure of the country and provide the country’s population with the necessities of life was simply stolen.

The programme reported the release last month of an audit of the management of Iraq’s oil revenues by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). The survey, conducted by US government officials, found that $8.8 billion of Iraqi money remains unaccounted for. The US media largely buried the findings.

Dr. Reinoud Leenders, of the International Crisis Group, stated bluntly at the beginning of the broadcast, “We can only guess how much disappears in private pockets. I really fear that Iraq reconstruction will turn into one of the biggest corruption scandals in history.”

Dr. Isam al Khafaji, who worked with the US State Department before the war, described how businesses that were awarded contracts would subcontract out the work up to six times—allowing every layer to take their cut. In many cases, none of the firms ever began any of the contracted work.

“File on 4” focused on the case of the private US company Custer Battles. Allegedly the company committed a total of up to $50 million of fraud in Iraq.

The programme spoke to Marie de Young, who had worked as a logistics specialist for Halliburton. De Young turned whistleblower to expose the practices she witnessed in Iraq.

A report issued by a Congressional Committee on Government Reform concluded that Halliburton overcharged for the fuel in Iraq by $167 million, a mark-up of 90 percent.

The BBC pointed out that the most serious charges against Halliburton concern bribery. A State Department document to the US Embassy in Kuwait reported complaints from a leading oil contracting company. It stated, “It is common knowledge in Kuwait that Halliburton officers are on the take; that they solicit bribes openly; that anyone visiting their sea-side villas at the Kuwait Hilton who offers to provide services is asked for a bribe.”

Bribery charges have also been made against CPA officials. Claude Hankes-Drielsma, a British adviser to the Iraqi Governing Council, told the programme that some officials within the CPA demanded payment of up to $300,000 before awarding contracts.

When asked on the programme how high in the Coalition the “failings” went, Chief of Staff, Ginger Cruz said it went right to the top, to CPA chief Paul Bremer.

The mainstream media cannot be trusted.

I AM BLOGGER, HEAR ME ROAR! has a readership bigger than that of most city newspapers.

The Anthrax Letters

It was the blogs that exposed Dr. Philip Zack, the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area.

9-11 The mainstream media said that fire caused the collapse of the twin towers.

The blogs explained that there has never been a case of a steel framed building collapsing from fire. When photos surfaced showing people looking out the holes of the towers and waving at the ground, proving that there could not have been any such raging inferno, the blogs got the word out.

Fox News reported the arrest of Israeli spies after 9 11, but then pulled the story because of public pressure from AIPAC, a Jewish pressure group. AIPAC was named in a more recent Israeli spy scandal. Certain blogs point out the extent of Israeli control of the USA.

The mainstream media

20/20 broadcast a story claiming that lab tests proved that food bought at organic stores contained the same amounts of pesticides as food from major supermarket chains. A follow up investigation revealed that ABC had never even sent the samples to a lab for tests of any kind.

Fox News researched the effects of synthetic bovine growth hormone on cattle and discovered that a great deal of evidence exists that people who consume the meat or dairy products from treated cattle can suffer adverse health effects. Monsanto together with dairy associations pressured Fox News to shut the story down.

Total viewership of the network news is in decline, while readership of the blogs is increasing.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The BBC's Clive Myrie and Pentagon propaganda

Extracts from "Remembering The First Siege Of Fallujah: Excerpts From Testimony Submitted To The World Tribunal On Iraq," by Omar Khan and Dahr Jamail (February 14, 2005), available at

Iraqi women and children are being shot by American snipers.

Dr. Abdul Jabbar reported that "Many people were injured and killed by cluster bombs... Not less than 60% of the dead were women and children. You can go see the graves for yourself."

At Yarmouk Hospital, a lead doctor reported that he saw American soldiers killing women and children.

A doctor working in a temporary emergency clinic in Fallujah during April's siege posed a question: "When you see a child five years old with no head what can you say? When you see a child with no brain just an open cavity what can you say? When you see a mother just hold her infant with no head and the shells are all over her body?"



On the BBC's main lunchtime news, Clive Myrie reported on George Bush's State of the Union address. To enhance the propaganda impact Bush arranged for an American woman whose son had been killed in Iraq to embrace an Iraqi woman whose husband had been killed by Saddam Hussein.

Before a massive national TV audience, Myrie commented: "A woman who gave up her son so another could be free." (Myrie, BBC1, 13:00 News, February 23, 2005)

Anybody here remember the WMDs that weren't? The ongoing pre-war genocide that wasn't? The al-Qaeda links that weren't? The Iraqis waving flags at "Coalition" troops that didn't? Does anyone remember the vast oil reserves in Iraq?

Someone tell Clive Myrie!

On the BBC's late news, Matt Frei informed us of American plans to leave Iraq as soon as possible. Why? Because US leaders "don't want to outstay the welcome of their troops." (Frei, BBC1, 22:00 News, January 31, 2005)


Iran to be bombed in June?

Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to bomb Iran in June, and, the U.S. cooked the Iraq election results. This is reported by Mark Jensen, of United for Peace of Pierce County.

Jensen writes: "Scott Ritter, appearing with journalist Dahr Jamail yesterday in Washington State, dropped two shocking bombshells in a talk delivered to a packed house in Olympia’s Capitol Theater. The ex-Marine turned UNSCOM weapons inspector said that George W. Bush has "signed off" on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, and claimed the U.S. manipulated the results of the recent Jan. 30 elections in Iraq."

Ritter said that U.S. authorities in Iraq had manipulated the election results in order to reduce the percentage of the vote received by the United Iraqi Alliance from 56% to 48%.


B. is for Paul Barril. Barril was one of 4 French secret service agents found guilty in 1985 for telling the truth! Barril had leaked to the French press the plans by the French secret service to sink the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

B. is for Bologna Railway Station Bombing 1980. This was Europe's worst single terrorist attack. At least 84 people were killed. At first the left got blamed. But much later it was discovered that it was the fascist Avanguardia Nazionale, who had links to the P2 masonic order. Now that's a long complicated story and the bad guys got away with it.

At the time of the Bologna Bombing, the CIA was anxious to "support right wing parties" in Italy. The CIA spent huge sums of money in Italy in "trying to influence elections."

B. is for Belgium. Ever wonder how the bad guys manage to get away with it? "Why has Kissinger never been brought to trial?" is the question asked by many.

Bullies use 3 techniques -

1 They con us. Yes, you and I get conned. When that bully appears in front of the headmaster, the poor dear headmaster believes his story. And doesn't Mr Clinton look so innocent. "I did not have sex...."

2 Bullies bribe us. Like a nice young girl, a nice young boy, some heroin? Like promotion to the job of chief constable?

3 They intimidate us. We know where you live. We know the route your children take to school.

Belgium? Michel Nihoul is the gentleman who allegedly organised orgies attended by judges, policemen, senior politicians, top chaps from NATO and a former European Commissioner.

Allegedly his accomplice was Marc Dutroux. Marc Dutroux was the guy who kidnapped young girls for use by top people. Some of these girls died.

Regina Louf testified to the authorities about orgies at which she allegedly saw children tortured and murdered. She alleged that at black masses, attended by members of Belgium's elite, children were sacrificed.

Police HAVE dug up human skulls at an institute of Black Magic.

Police officer Guy Poncelet who was in on the Dutroux case was mysteriously shot dead.

Judge Connerotte, in spite of many obstacles being put in his way, arrested Dutroux. Connerotte was taken off the case!

Mr de Baets, who was investigating Regina Louf's evidence, was taken off the case.

Former deputy prime minister Andre Cools, who said he was about to reveal the criminal activities of top people, was shot dead.

But does all this involve lots of top people?

NATO Secretary General Willy Claes, whose name came up in certain enquiries at this time, was forced to resign over corruption involving kickbacks.

Dutroux had a history of evil doings, and yet in 1991 he had been released early from prison by judge Wathelet.

Dutroux then went on to kidnap young girls.



Remember these stories about how horrid Saddam Hussein's people were.?

Babies had been removed from incubators. We now know that this was American propaganda. The film of empty incubators was made by an American advertising agency.

In the First World War, the Bryce Commission produced a report claiming that in Belgium the Germans had "bayoneted a two year old child and sliced off the breast of a peasant girl...."

OK it must have been true because Lord Bryce was a respected figure in Britain? And the Germans are beasts?

Most people believed it and it helped persuade the British public that their sons must go and get themselves killed in Belgium.

But the Bryce Commission's Report was propaganda.

Bryce had not spoken to a single witness.

The report was based on alleged 'written statements' by alleged 'witnesses'.

Did these statements or witnesses ever exist? After the war it was discovered that there was no trace of these statements. They had disappeared.

The Belgian government held an Enquiry and were unable to corroborate a single major atrocity mentioned in the Bryce report.

B. is for BLAIR.

Now, who influences the British Labour Party when it comes to attitudes to terrorism and the Middle East?

Lets start with Harold Wilson.

Who were the people with whom he was most closely associated? Mother Theresa? No.

Who got honours in Wilson's final honours list? The Times wrote, in May 1976, "one reads the roll of honour: Delfont, Grade, Kagan, Rayne, Weidenfeld, Goldsmith, Hanson, Miller, Sternberg....are they his friends?"

Let's take Robert Maxwell, at one time the Labour Party's biggest backer. Maxwell looted pension funds. Yet, not a single person has ever been sent to jail for these crimes. Who were some of the people associated with this scandal? Labour per Lord Donoghue and former minister Geoffrey Robinson were board members of Maxwell companies. Hellen Liddle worked for a Maxwell company and was said to be Maxwell's 'eyes and ears in Scotland.' I am NOT suggesting any impropriety by Donoghue, Robinson or Liddle. Maxwell is widely assumed to have been a spy for Israeli secret service MOSSAD; and Maxwell is buried in a place of honour in Israel.

Who are Tony Blair's paymasters and friends? The vast majority of the big financiers of Tony Blair's Labour Party are Jewish millionaires: Lord Levy, Blair's fundraiser-in-chief and leading friend of Israel; Lord Bernstein; Sir Emmanuel Kaye.... etc.

Blair's accountant is Michael Goldstein of Blick Rothenberg.

Multi-millionaire Lord Levy (who paid £5,000 in tax in 1999, according to the Sunday Times) is Tony Blair's 'personal envoy' to the Middle East.

Levy's friends and associates include Bernie Eccleston and Ehud Barak.

This is NOT a point about the Jewish religion, but, about the fact that the Labour Party appears to have been over-influenced by 'dodgy' millionaires like Maxwell and people who are most certainly on the side of Israel.

Europe may try to woo China away from the USA

Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard, writes today in the Guardian that Europe may try to woo China away from the USA.

In recent years, China has been buying dollars and US bonds, but, the returns on these dollars are now miserably low.

According to Ferguson: "American consumption and foreign policy are effectively being paid for with low-interest loans from Asia, allowing the Bush administration to give American voters both butter (tax cuts) and guns (the occupation of Iraq)."

China may want to reduce its dependence on the US export market and its exposure to the dollar.

Ferguson writes: "Step forward Europe -already a bigger market than the US for Chinese goods and proud owner of the euro, a currency looking increasingly like an alternative reserve currency to the dollar."

President Chirac recently went on a little-reported trip to Beijing.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Garuda pilot and Munir murder case

laksamana,net wonders if the military is arranging a cover-up in the Munir Murder Case.

Almost five months after the murder of human rights campaigner Munir, police are yet to come up with a single suspect, increasing concerns of a high-level cover-up.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had personally promised Munir’s widow Suciwati that he would fully support the formation of an independent team to investigate the case.

Yudhoyono broke his promise.

Munir, founder of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) and the Indonesian Human Rights Monitor (Imparsial), died of arsenic poisoning while on a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam on September 7.

Rights groups are certain he was murdered by his powerful enemies, possibly by those who wanted to silence his most recent investigations into corruption cases involving prominent government figures.

Rights activists grouped in the Committee of Solidarity Action for Munir (Komite Aksi Solidaritas Untuk Munir - KASUM) on Wednesday (2/2/05) urged the government fact-finding team to put pressure on police to investigate whether a Garuda pilot seen with Munir on the final day of his life was working covertly for a state intelligence agency.

The pilot, Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto, allegedly telephoned Munir’s house two or three days before the activist left for the Netherlands and told Suciwati he would be on the same flight as her husband. He has denied calling Munir’s house and insisted he was not involved in his death. But it has been established that Pollycarpus introduced himself to Munir and Suciwati when they arrived at Jakarta’s Sukarno-Hatta International Airport on the night of September 6. Munir died on the flight.

Dutch authorities conducted an autopsy that revealed 465 milligrams of undigested arsenic in Munir's stomach – more than double the normally lethal dose of 200 milligrams.

On November 20, a decapitated and dismembered chicken was sent to Suciwati, along with a note warning: "Be careful!!!!! Do not connect TNI to the death of Munir. Do you want to end up like this?"

Munir’s fellow human rights activists discovered that Pollycarpus had piloted flights – ostensibly for Christian missionaries – in Irian Jaya (now Papua) province over 1985-87 when the military was attacking separatist rebels in the territory. Pollycarpus later flew planes to evacuate Indonesians from East Timor in 1999 after TNI and its militia proxies had unleashed carnage there in response to the territory’s vote to secede from Indonesia. East Timor’s notorious former militia leader Eurico Guterres has admitted to knowing the pilot. KASUM and the rights activists in the fact-finding team suspect Pollycarpus is no ordinary pilot. They have received anonymous tip-offs via mobile phone text messages alleging that he is a member of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) and has an unlicensed gun from the agency.

ACEH - military stealing relief aid?

Laksamana.Net reports that an anti-corruption activist was beaten up by the military and then accused of stealing relief aid in Aceh.

Government Watch coordinator Farid Faqih, who was also working for the United Nation’s World Food Program, was savagely beaten before being handed over to police and locked up.

Faqih has been highly critical of the notoriously corrupt military’s handling of relief aid in Aceh. He has also accused government officials of exaggerating the numbers of people living in refugee camps in order to collect and embezzle more aid.

Local media reports have identified Faqih’s main attacker as Army Captain Syuib Mahmud.

Initial reports had said three FPI members (paramilitaries) were caught stealing a truckload of aid and then claimed to be acting on behalf of Faqih, who was subsequently tracked down, attacked and arrested. FPI, notorious for its violent attacks on bars and nightclubs, is widely regarded as an 'Islamic' paramilitary tool of certain military officers seeking to exert political and business influence.

Aid workers say much of the assistance in the province is being misused by crooked officials and squandered by incompetent non-government organizations.

Debunking Conspiracy Theories

Extract from 'Debunking Conspiracy Theories'

by Gerard Holmgren

One of the wilder stories circulating about Sept 11, and one that has attracted something of a cult following amongst conspiracy buffs is that it was carried out by 19 fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, with no apparent motivation other than that they "hate our freedoms."

Never a group of people to be bothered by facts, the perpetrators of this cartoon fantasy have constructed an elaborately woven web of delusions and unsubstantiated hearsay in order to promote this garbage across the internet and the media to the extent that a number of otherwise rational people have actually fallen under its spell.

Normally I don't even bother debunking this kind of junk, but the effect that this paranoid myth is beginning to have requires a little rational analysis, in order to consign it to the same rubbish bin as all such silly conspiracy theories.

These crackpots even contend that the extremist Bush regime was caught unawares by the attacks, had no hand in organizing them, and actually would have stopped them if it had been able.

Blindly ignoring the stand down of the US air-force, the insider trading on airline stocks - linked to the CIA, the complicit behavior of Bush on the morning of the attacks, the controlled demolition of the WTC, the firing of a missile into the Pentagon and a host of other documented proofs that the Bush regime was behind the attacks, the conspiracy theorists stick doggedly to a silly story about 19 Arab hijackers somehow managing to commandeer 4 planes simultaneously and fly them around US airspace for nearly 2 hours ,crashing them into important buildings, without the US intelligence services having any idea that it was coming, and without the Air Force knowing what to do.

The huge difficulties with such a stupid story force them to invent even more preposturous stories to distract from its core silliness, and thus the tale has escalated into a mythic fantasy of truly gargantuan proportions. It's difficult to apply rational analysis to such unmitigated stupidity, but that is the task which I take on in this article.

However, it should be noted that one of the curious characteristics of conspiracy theorists is that they effortlessly change their so called evidence in response to each aspect which is debunked. As soon as one delusion is unmasked, they simply invent another to replace it, and deny that the first ever existed. Eventually, when they have turned full circle through this endlessly changing fantasy fog , they then re-invent the original delusion and deny that you ever debunked it, thus beginning the circle once more. This technique is known as "the fruit loop" and saves the conspiracy theorist from ever having to see any of their ideas through to their (ill)logical conclusions......."

VIETNAM - What actually happened

John Pilger, in an article entitled 'First, They Attack the Past' writes:

The final declaration of the Geneva conference divided Vietnam "temporarily" until free national elections were held on July 26, 1956. There was little doubt that Ho Chi Minh would win and form Vietnam's first democratically elected government. Certainly, President Eisenhower was in no doubt of this. "I have never talked with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs," he wrote, "who did not agree that ... 80 percent of the population would have voted for the communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader."

Not only did the United States refuse to allow the UN to administer the agreed elections two years later, but the "democratic" regime in the south was an invention. One of the inventors, the CIA official Ralph McGhee, describes in his masterly book Deadly Deceits how a brutal expatriate mandarin, Ngo Dinh Diem, was imported from New Jersey to be "president" and a fake government was put in place. "The CIA," he wrote, "was ordered to sustain that illusion through propaganda [placed in the media]."

Phony elections were arranged, hailed in the West as "free and fair," with American officials fabricating "an 83 percent turnout despite Vietcong terror." The guide alludes to none of this, nor that "the terrorists," whom the Americans called the Vietcong, were also southern Vietnamese defending their homeland against the American invasion and whose resistance was popular. For Vietnam, read Iraq.

US involved in assassination of Hariri?

US covert operations and dirty tricks? According to the UK's Sunday Herald, the assassination of the former Lebanese PM has aroused suspicions that the USA may have been involved.

Diplomatic editor Trevor Royle writes that with Iran, "there is the option of covert operations aimed at making life impossible for the administration and paving the way for a more sympathetic government."

"Last week’s assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri is a good example of this approach. No serious group has claimed responsibility for the operation, which was well planned and efficiently executed, but the attack has created the kind of uncertainty that can encourage change."

"As a diplomat in Honduras between 1981 and 1985, Negroponte turned a blind eye to atrocities and political assassinations carried out by US-funded Contra fighters during the illegal war against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government.

"Throughout the period, Honduras receive huge funding and military assistance from the US in what CIA director William Casey called 'the ultimate covert operation' which culminated in the discredited 'Irangate' policy of channelling funds and weapons through Israel and Iran.
According to Human Rights Watch, Negroponte and other US officials 'looked the other way when serious atrocities were committed'."

"Backed by the US, albeit secretly, Honduran forces were accused of torture and assassination and Contra fighters were repeatedly discovered perpetrating atrocities on civilians. When the scandal was revealed, it was discovered that CIA teams had instructed the Contras in the art of political assassination as well as taking part in the illegal mining of Nicaraguan ports.

"According to critics, all this would have been known to Negroponte but he kept his silence and the cover was not blown until October 1986, when Sandanista forces shot down a CIA aircraft carrying arms to Contra forces inside Nicaragua."

UK involvement in Abu Ghraib torture,6903,1418624,00.html

"A British official was involved in drafting rules permitting extreme interrogation techniques at Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad, centre of the controversy over the use of torture by US forces against Iraqi prisoners.

"Last night it emerged that the government has been forced to retract claims that no British military officer had seen or been involved with the crucial document allowing guards to subject detainees to interrogation methods including the use of dogs, sleep deprivation and stress positions, in breach of the Geneva Convention."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jewish Israeli John Negroponte to control United States security services.

"Bush has appointed the Jewish Israeli national John Negroponte to be the head of all 15 of the their intelligence organizations, including the CIA.

"Not known to many Americans is the fact that all Jewish citizens in the United States are also citizens of Israel."

GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring?

According to Wayne Madsen of Online Journal, 'Gannongate' threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring.

Jeff Gannon reports for a news service which is a 'front operation for conservative Republicans'. Gannons real name is reportedly James D. Guckert.

Allegedly James D. Guckert ran gay porn sites, one with a U.S. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said he did not realize Gannon was using an alias until recently.

In Nebraska in 1989, Lawrence King, a rising star in the GOP, was reportedly discovered to be a kingpin, along with top Republicans, in a child prostitution and pedophilia scandal.

The scandal, investigated by Nebraska State Senator Loran Schmit, his assistant John DeCamp , State Senate Committee investigator Gary Caradori, and former CIA Director William Colby, 'reached the very top echelons of the George H. W. Bush administration and GOP'.

'Child prostitutes from Boys Town and other orphanages in Nebraska as well as children procured from China were reportedly flown to Washington for sexcapades with Republican politicians.'

Caradori and his young son were killed in a suspicious plane crash in Illinois in 1990.

Colby was found floating dead in the Chesapeake Bay, near his home, in 1996.

Craig Spence, a GOP lobbyist implicated in the scandal, allegedly committed suicide in 1989.

Witnesses, many of whom were abused themselves, 'were intimidated and subsequently jailed in Nebraska' and the investigation of the pedophile scandal eventually collapsed.

'Last year, a senior source on the Washington Times editorial staff (the same paper that broke the GOP pedophile scandal in 1989) linked White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove to gay activities involving top Republican political strategists in Washington, DC.'

Gannon (Guckert) has been a major player in GOP and fundamentalist Christian politics in Washington and around the country.


Western “market led” reforms by the likes of the World Bank have left most of the population 8 times poorer than 10 years ago.

44% of Romanians are now reportedly living in poverty

95% of Romanian households in some parts of the north east have no running water, 10% cannot afford to connect to the electricity supply and there are no social services

Romanians still barely get by in grinding poverty and believe the only way out is by being corrupt. It begins with parents having to give teachers gifts to make sure their children are well treated. It continues with having to ay a bribe for a driver's license, decent hospital treatment or a seat on a crowded airliner.

Friday, February 18, 2005


From the first days of the US-British invasion of Iraq, oil workers have resisted foreign occupation.

This is according to Hassan Juma'a Awad, writing in the Guardian, Friday February 18, 2005.

Hassan Juma'a Awad is general secretary of Iraq's Southern Oil Company Union and president of the Basra Oil Workers' Union,3604,1417222,00.html

Awad writes: "We see it as our duty to defend the country's resources. We reject and will oppose all moves to privatise our oil industry and national resources. We regard this privatisation as a form of neo-colonialism, an attempt to impose a permanent economic occupation to follow the military occupation."

"The occupation has deliberately fomented a sectarian division of Sunni and Shia. We never knew this sort of division before. Our families intermarried, we lived and worked together. And today we are resisting this brutal occupation together, from Falluja to Najaf to Sadr City.

"We as a union call for the withdrawal of foreign occupation forces and their military bases. We don't want a timetable - this is a stalling tactic. We will solve our own problems. We are Iraqis, we know our country and we can take care of ourselves. We have the means, the skills and resources to rebuild and create our own democratic society."

People already know!

"It came as a big — and pleasant — surprise to me.

In a chance conversation with a complete stranger at the car wash, I screwed up my courage and dared to say it. 'You know ... our own government was behind 9/11!' I held my breath. My eyebrows scrunched up in anticipation of some mindwashed backlash of preprogrammed patriotic outrage.

The guy turned slowly and looked me squarely in the eye. "I know," he said, his furrowed brow mirroring all the painful pathos that has hogtied all the hearts in America these past three years.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


John Negroponte was US ambassador in Honduras from 1981 to 1985. There he reportedly worked closely with Honduran army to impose a police state based on extra-judicial murder.


A Honduran army death squad, Battalion 3-16, trained by the CIA, kidnapped, tortured and killed hundreds of people, including US missionaries.

Reportedly Negroponte knew about these human rights violations and yet continued to collaborate with the Honduran military while lying to Congress.



U.S. collaboration with Battalion 316:

* The CIA trained Battalion 316 in the United States.

* Gen. Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, who directed Battalion 316, received strong U.S. support - even after he told a U.S. ambassador that he intended to use the Argentine method of eliminating subversives.

* By 1983, when Alvarez's oppressive methods were well known to the U.S. Embassy, the Reagan administration awarded him the Legion of Merit for "encouraging the success of democratic processes in Honduras."

* A CIA officer went frequently to a secret jail known as INDUMIL, where torture was conducted.

Jews make up 0.5% of the population of Britain

Jews are only 0.5% of the population in Britain. Yet if you open any major British newspaper you will almost certainly find numerous references to Jewish personalities and Jewish issues.

What % of the journalists on the Sunday Telegraph or the Guardian or the Mail are Jewish?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq to be partitioned? A Greater Israel to be created?


April 2004

According to analysts in Indonesia and Malaysia, a greater Israel is in the making. This comes with the fall of Saddam and with the taming of Syria, Iran and other Arab nations.

The UK and U.S. are assisting Israel in a plan to partition Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

“Libya is also a target in what is now to be called the ‘Middle Eastern Axis of evil’ in a bid to secure both oil and strategic regions for the strengthening of the U.S. Empire and the making of a greater Israel in the Middle East,” Abdullai Rauf, a political analyst told

Dr Gatut Priyowidodo Msi, who told Indonesia's Antara news agency Sharon was setting the stage for a “greater Israel” after the fall of Baghdad.

Professor Priyowidodo said on April 14 that the warnings given to Syria by the U.S. were strong enough to indicate that the Middle Eastern nation was the next target in a “cleansing” of the region.

Israel is already considered the mini-super power of the region with its arsenal of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, said other experts in Asia.

“A change in regime in Syria, a greater Israel, will have a huge impact on the entire world and the South East Asian region with Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and other Muslim nations here will not be safe anymore,” said Abdullai.

“To realize the dream of a greater Israel, Sharon will lobby that the U.S. and British forces be used to invade Syria and Iran,” he added.


The assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri.


The Syrian media is pointing the finger of suspicion at Israel.

"What happened was an attempt to shatter national unity in Lebanon, to sow anarchy and divisions which lead to a climate of civil war," said government newspaper Tishrin.

Israel "continues to work to sabotage Lebanon's achievements to try to bring anarchy to the country and to be able to continue its occupation of the Shebaa Farms", a disputed strip of land along the Israeli border, the newspaper added.

Several analysts say that Syria is targeted by Hariri's assassination.

"Syria certainly did not need to complicate the situation, just when it is already in the firing line" over UN Resolution 1559, Rauf Ghoneim, a former Egyptian deputy foreign minister, said.

According to several political analysts, Al Hariri’s assassination is aimed at drowning Lebanon in another civil war. Arab commentators called on Lebanon on Tuesday to unite against such threat, with some suggesting that Israel has greatly benefited from the death of Al Hariri.


Winston Churchill: "In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed, the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

"The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people.

"...The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with villainies which are now being perpetrated...Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people."

Researcher Wayne McGuire of Harvard University writes: "50% of the communist terrorist vanguard in the south and west of Russia was comprised of Jews."

The Siberian novelist Valentin Rasputin wrote in 1990: "I think today the Jews here in Russia should feel responsible for the sin of having carried out the revolution and for the shape it took. They should feel responsible for the terror - for the terror that existed during the revolution and especially after the revolution ... their guilt is great. They perpetrated the relentless campaign against the peasant class whose land was brutally expropriated by the state and who themselves were ruthlessly murdered."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's biographer: "By the age of ten he had the cross ripped from his neck by jeering Pioneers and for over a year was held up to ridicule... Solzhenitsyn was, as a boy, exposed to students whose parents had an officially superior status. Most of the members of the Young Pioneers and Komsomol movements, at least in Rostov, were Jewish children..." (Michael Scammell, Solzhenitsyn: A Biography, p. 64).

According to the RNS wire service (reprinted in "The Christian News," Jan. 8, 1996, p. 2), "Some 200,000 (Christian) clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union, a Russian commission reported Monday (Nov. 27, 1995)...40,000 churches (were) destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980..."

Russia's concentration camps and slave labor system were "staffed in its upper echelons by Jewish Communists."

Sixteen million ethnic Germans were forcibly expelled from Silesia, Moravia and the Volga at the end of the Second World War. Two million perished. 800,000 mostly Muslim Chechens were deported to Kazakhstan; a quarter of a million died enroute. 12% of the Baltic population was either deported to Siberia or executed.

In the Bolshevik era, 52 percent of the membership of the Soviet communist party was Jewish, though Jews comprised only 1.8 percent of the total population (Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin, p. 81)


The following is a list of some top Jewish Communists:

V.I. Lenin, Trotsky, Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev): executive, Soviet Secret Police.

Solomon Lozovsky: deputy Soviet foreign minister. Litvinov: Soviet foreign minister. Yuri Andropov: director, Soviet KGB, later supreme dictator of the Soviet Union.

Jacob Sverdlov: first president of the Soviet Union.

Jacob Yurovsky: commander, Soviet Secret Police.

Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich: chief mass murderer for Stalin, ordered the deaths of millions and the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches, including the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Mikhail Kaganovich: deputy commissar of heavy industry, supervisor of slave labor, brother of Lazar.

Rosa Kaganovich: Stalin's mistress; sister of Lazar.

Paulina Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee and wife of Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov.

Olga Bronstein: officer, Soviet Cheka Secret Police, sister of Trotsky, wife of Kamenev.

Lavrenti Beria: in 1938 he was put in charge of the dreaded NKVD. Beria was responsible for the infamous Katyn massacre of captive Polish soldiers and intellectuals. Beria was also in charge of the Gulag prison system that sent millions to oblivion. Beria was noted for having his bodyguards kidnap young schoolgirls so that he could rape them in his Lubyanka office, which doubled as a torture chamber.

Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel: founders, the Gulag death camp system.

Lev Inzhir, commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration.

Boris Berman: executive officer of the Soviet Secret Police and brother of Matvei.

K.V. Pauker: chief of operations, Soviet NKVD Secret Police.

Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk: commissars of death camps and slave labor, supervised the mass deaths of laborers during the construction of the White Sea - Baltic Canal.

Genrikh Yagoda: chief of Soviet Secret Police, mass murderer extraordinaire.

M.I. Gay: commander, Soviet Secret Police.

Slutsky and Shpiegelglas: commanders, Soviet Secret Police.

Isaac Babel: officer, Soviet Secret Police.

Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Aleksandr Orlov): commander, Soviet Red Army; officer, Soviet Secret Police.

Yona Yakir: general, Soviet Red Army, member of the Central Committee.

Dimitri Shmidt: general, Soviet Red Army.

Yakov ("Yankel") Kreiser: general, Soviet Red Army. Miron Vovsi: general, Soviet Red Army.David Dragonsky: general, Soviet Red Army, Hero of the Soviet Union. Grigori Shtern: general, Soviet Red Army. Mikhail Chazkelevich: general, Soviet Red Army. Shimon Kirvoshein: general, Soviet Red Army. Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, Soviet Red Army. Haim Fomin, commander of Brest-Litovsk, Soviet Red Army. At least one hundred Soviet generals were Jewish (cf. Canadian Jewish News, April 19, 1989).

Generals who were not themselves Jewish often had Jewish wives. Among these were Marshal Voroshilov, Marshal Bulganin, Marshal Peresypkin and General Pavel Sudoplatov (Sudoplatov assassinated hundreds of Christian leaders including Ukranian Catholic Archbishop Teodor Romzha). This Jewish wife "insurance policy" extended to Politburo members such as Andrei Andreyev and Leonid Brezhnev.

Sergei Eisenstein: director of communist propaganda films which depicted Christian peasants (kulaks) as hideous, money-grabbing parasites. The kulaks were subsequently massacred.

KOMZET: commission for the settlement of Jewish Communists on land seized from murdered Christians in Ukraine; funded by Jewish-American financier Julius Rosenwald.

Ilya Ehrenburg, Minister of Soviet Propaganda and disseminator of anti-German hate material dating from the 1930s. Ehrenburg instigated the Soviet Red Army rape and murder of German civilians. Referring to German women, Ehrenburg gloated to the advancing Red Army troops, "that blonde hag is in for a bad time." In a leaflet addressed to Soviet troops, Ehrenburg wrote: "...the Germans are not human beings...nothing gives us so much joy as German corpses." (Anatol Goldberg, Ilya Ehrenburg, p. 197). Goldberg concedes that Ehrenburg, "...had always disliked the that there was a war on he turned his old prejudice into an asset." (Ibid., p. 193).

Nikolai Bukharin: Lenin's chief theorist. Samuel Agursky: commissar. Karl Radek: member, Central Committee. Mikhail Gruzenberg (Borodin) commissar. A.A. Yoffe: commissar. David Ryazanov: advisor to Lenin. Lev Grigorievich Levin: physician, poisoner of Stalin's enemies. Lev Rosenfeld (Kamenev): member of the Central Committee.
Ivan Maisky: Soviet Ambassador to Britain. Itzik Solomonovich Feffer: commissar, Soviet Secret Police. Abraham Sutskever: Soviet terrorist-partisan. Mark Osipovich Reizen: Soviet propagandist, winner of three Stalin Prizes. Lev Leopold Trepper: Soviet espionage officer.
Bela Kun (Kohen): supreme dictator of Hungary in 1919. Kun was later Stalin's chief terrorist in the Crimea. Kun's eventual successor was Matyas Rakosi, Jewish Communist mass murderer of Christians in Hungary. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency of May 14, 1997, Jews "...played key roles in ushering Communist rule into Hungary. In fact, during the brutal oppression of the early 1950s, the regime's top five leaders were Jews. "

Zakharovich Mekhlis: top executioner for Stalin. Henrykas Zimanas: leader of Lithuanian communist terrorists, butcher of Christians.

Moshe Pijade (sometimes spelled Piade): commander, Yugoslav Communist People's Army. Tito's top butcher of hundreds of thousands of Croatian Christians. Pijade later served as president of the Yugoslav Communist Parliament. At least eighteen generals in the Yugoslav Communist People's Army were Jewish. The Yugoslavian communist party sent massive arms shipments to Jewish fighters in Palestine in the 1940s.

In post-war Poland that nation was completely dominated by Jewish communists: the torturer Jacek Rozanski, head of the Secret Police; the Politboro commander Jacob Berman
and commissars Minc, Specht (Olszewski) and Spychalski. These men murdered or deported to Kolyma and the other Arctic death camps, tens of thousands of Catholic Poles.

According to Jewish researcher John Sack, "In 1945 many Poles felt (and not without reason) that Jews ran the Office of State Security...the chief of the Office was Jacob Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the department heads were Jews." Sack reports that 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in Silesia were Jews. He noted that many Jews in the Communist terror apparatus in Poland changed their names to Polish ones like General Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt. Jurkowski.

In Poland, "...a disproportionate number of Communists were Jews. In 1930, at its peak, 35% of the members of the party were Jewish. In Communist youth organizations, Jewish membership was even higher, while Communists of Jewish origin occupied most of the seats on the central committee. Communism appealed to some Jews because it opposed anti-Semitism more vigorously than any other Polish party...Jewish Communists reached their apogee in the years immediately after World War Two, when the party leadership was totally in the hands of the prewar Communist leadership that abhorred anti-Semitism." (Sheldon Kirshner, The Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 5, 1992, p. 16).

Solomon Morel : commandant of a post-war Communist concentration camp for Germans in Poland. Stalin deliberately put Jews in charge of such camps. Morel tortured and murdered thousands of Germans, sometimes with his bare hands (cf. "The Wrath of Solomon," Village Voice, March 30, 1993 and John Sack, An Eye for an Eye). Morel is comfortably esconsed in Tel Aviv.

Lev Davidovich Landau: Stalinist physicist, co-father of the Soviet atomic bomb. Klaus Fuchs: helped steal atomic bomb secrets for Stalin. Ruth Werner: colonel, Red Army GRU intelligence, assisted Fuchs. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: stole American atomic bomb secrets for Stalin. Morris Cohen (Peter Kroger): assisted the Rosenbergs. Markus Wolf: chief of German Communist Stasi Secret Police.

Nahum Goldmann: founder, World Jewish Congress, communist propagandist. Rabbi Moses Rosen: agent, Romanian communist party. Victor Rothschild: allegedly top British espionage agent for Stalin.

Mark Zborowski: "...considered by historians of Soviet terror operations to have been the most fearsome...(Soviet) spy of all time" (Stephen Schwartz, Forward, Jan. 26, 1996). Zborowski, a medical researcher, murdered a dissident with a poisoned orange at the Soviet-run hospital in Paris. Zborowski was implicated in several other assassinations in 1936 and 1937. In the 1940s worked for both the American Jewish Committee and the KGB. In the 1960s Zborowski worked as a medical researcher at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco. He trained numerous psychiatrists and medical specialists in the Bay Area. He died in 1990 (cf. "The Strange Case of Doctor Zborowski and Monsieur Etienne" by Philippe Videlier, in Le Monde Diplomatique, Dec. 1992).

Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Iqbal Mirchi lives in Hornchurch, in England.

Iqbal Mirchi is wanted by police in India for murder and his part in a terrorist bombing campaign.

He is allegedly among the top 50 global drug barons; according to the US authorities he is the right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, head of the 'D' company, a worldwide mafia.

Bombs in Mumbai in 1993 killed over 300 people. Mirchi's name was linked to the bombings.

According to Mirchi: 'a senior police officer told me that my name would be attached to false charges unless I paid millions of rupees in bribes. I refused and moved to Dubai. '

Mirchi admits having met Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai.

Dawood has been described as 'the most dangerous man in the world'. As well as drugs and terrorism, the D company is involved in gold smuggling, gambling, counterfeit currency, diamond trading, contract killing, extortion and film financing. It is said to have a 60 per cent stake in the Bollywood film industry.

Dawood is also known to have met Osama Bin Laden and, in the aftermath of 9/11, allowed his smuggling network to be used to enable senior al-Qaeda operatives to flee Afghanistan.


"The UAE is regarded as the hub of the Dawood syndicate — its operations in Dubai, for instance, have been well-entrenched for over a decade."

There are those in Pakistani intelligence who ... point out that not a single member of the D-Company has been nabbed in recent years in connection with any plot against the US... “There are many other big mafia gangs in Thailand, Hong Kong and South Africa. Compared to them, D-Company is nothing. Yet the US deemed it fit to portray Dawood as a terror ringleader under Pakistan’s protection merely to oblige India.”


"Iqbal Seth alias Amir Sahib is living in style in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad... Yes! Iqbal Seth alias Amir Sahib is the mythical Dawood Ibrahim, the Indian Osama bin Laden, wanted desperately by New Delhi.

"Ibrahim, now Iqbal Seth, has already established links in Nepal with the help of the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, and has appointed one Sartaj Ahmed as his front man. Sartaj was allegedly seen recently with a Pakistani Embassy official near Tundi Khel in Kathmandu...

Dawood Ibrahim 'has also established criminal links in Nepal with the help of the ISI. Hence, the ISI has opened a new front against India.'

"Indian officials say Dawood Ibrahim’s contacts in ISI include Major Khaliq and Major Akbar under whose patronage he had been staying in Karachi carrying a Pakistani passport with the name of Sheikh Dawood Hasan...

"Dawood Ibrahim is a regular visitor to Nepal. He was last seen in Kathmandu in the last week of August 2003. Officials told the South Asia Tribune that during that visit, Dawood met his front man Sartaj Ahmed and leaders of some fundamentalist organizations.

"Though Dawood has restricted his international movements, his front man Sartaj is in constant touch with officials of the Pakistani Embassy. He was recently spotted near Tundi Khel playground in Kathmandu with a Pakistani diplomat...

"Dawood has big financial stakes in Nepal. He has made huge investments in a variety of business ventures, from media, private airlines, hotels, travel agencies to trans-border smuggling including that of gold.

"New Delhi is learnt to have provided documentary evidence to the Nepalese authorities on ISI’s alleged involvement in training and arming the Maoists to continue their rebellious activities against the monarchy in collaboration with the ultra Left outfits of India."
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