Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Was the US election fixed?

The exit polls showed the Democrats safely ahead in Ohio, Florida and most other swing states.

Where there were paper ballots, the exit results were the same as the official results.

Where there were electronic voting machines, the exit polls were different from the official results by roughly 5%.

The electronic voting machines were interfered with, to give Bush an extra 5%?

Look at the graph at-

Online Journal has details of the 'fraud'.

Allegedly the Bush people spent $29 million to rig the election for Bush.

The leak about the money and the rigged election apparently came from technicians who felt they had been cheated over payments.

The money to rig the election reportedly came from Five Star Trust, largely based in Houston but tied to the Saudi Royal Family. "It has been used to support both Bush and Osama bin Laden in the US and around the world."

Other money used to fund the election rigging was allegedly from siphoned Enron money in accounts in the Cook Islands.

Why did Kerry not complain loudly? He is a member of Skull and Bones, the same secret society that has Bush as a member.

Why has the mainstream media remained silent? From the 1950s onwards the security services moved to take over the media.

The BBC and the Guardian may now be heavily influenced by the spooks.

Now, where does Lolita come into this?

Well, things are not always how they seem. Lolita was a boy. If you've read Nabokov's PALE FIRE, you'll know that Nabokov loved butterflies and bamboozling people and boys. In both Lolita and Pale Fire it takes the reader a while to realise what is going on.



Final 4pm Polls

Kerry 50.0% Bush 49.0%

Kerry 52.1% Bush 47.9%

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